Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Yet another unexpected windfall...

I love it when I get money I didn't expect.  This time, it was in the form of a class action settlement.  Someone sued Symantec and I reaped the benefits.  In January 2016, I got an email about the suit and filled out of a form to be part of the suit.  I forgot all about it.

Yesterday, Bill handed me the mail, which included lots of goodies.  I opened the envelope and was shocked to find a check for $400.  I was totally blown away by it.  Class action suits don't usually amount to much.  I think I usually get $10 or $20 from them.  This time, it was a decent chunk of cash.

I put it in a CD that will mature in November.  It has several thousand dollars in it.  I don't know what we'll use the money for.  Maybe a barge cruise or something? Or maybe my next dental implant.  I do have another baby tooth that will probably crap out before too long.

I couldn't help but think about how much I would have loved to have gotten an unexpected $400 fifteen years ago.  I remember when I was a lot poorer than I am now; that money would have gone a long way toward making my life a little easier.  But make no mistake about it.  I do appreciate the cash and it will definitely be put to good use.  I guess it just goes to show that sometimes it really pays to sign up for those class action suits if you aren't planning to sue anyone yourself.

I have a couple more days to go in my "Fuck It" Qigong course.  Once it's done, I will review it on this blog (or maybe the travel blog, since the people offering the course do retreats).  I must say, it's been interesting trying the exercises.  While I don't know if I will make Qigong part of my everyday life, I have noticed that it makes me more mindful about some things.  For instance, when I am learning the new moves, I find myself breathing deeper and trying to relax.  It would probably do me a lot of good to spend a few minutes a day on this... although I'm not sure I have the discipline to do it.  Anyway, the course finishes on Friday.

I am starting to feel antsy again.  It's time for another trip.  But next week, the boys are having dentals and Zane will have a couple of growths removed.  He'll need time to heal from that.  Besides, Bill has to build up vacation time.  If he manages to join me in Scotland next month, he'll go in the hole at work and we won't be taking any trips for some time except during holidays.  That's the one thing that sucks about a new job.  But this new company does seem more professional and pays much more.

And finally... yesterday on SingSnap, I got this message.

If I were available, this person's inability to write coherently would be an instant turn off...

I shared this on Facebook and someone helpfully told me it was a scam.  Uh... yeah, I know.  It's no different than getting a flattering comment on Skype or email from some non-English speaking person.  I'm sure this person's picture is fake and, for all I know, it's not even a guy posting this.  But still, I have to admit I was taken aback to get this on SingSnap.  

Good thing I'm happily married and not taken in by bullshit...  


  1. Perhaps it's a compliment in the best way the strange character who posted it is capable, but it must be nice to be unavailable for that sort of nonsense in the way that marriage makes a person unavailable.

    Wow! Four-hundred bucks for a class-action suit! I've never heard of anyone getting such a windfall from one of those things.

    1. Me either. But I was a subscriber for many years.


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