Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stupid white men...

I woke up this morning to the news about Charlottesville.  I learned about how one woman and two state troopers died and nineteen people were injured, all over a bunch of stupid white men protesting over Confederate memorials in Charlottesville.  As some readers might know, I was born and raised in Virginia and Charlottesville has always been regarded as a place of grace and decorum.  It's where the University of Virginia is, a very prestigious university founded by Thomas Jefferson.  Yesterday, it was descended upon by a bunch of ignorant fucks...

I've been reading the news this morning and looking at pictures of the devastation.  There are pictures of the people who were injured over this nonsense and pictures of stupid white men carrying torches and wearing pseudo military gear.  I cannot believe it's 2017 and this shit is happening.

Bill thinks these guys feel like their country has been "taken" from them.  He thinks they feel alienated over liberal ideas and tolerance toward people who aren't white, as well as shaming toward people for being of European descent.  There may be some truth to that.  I grew up surrounded by people who feel this way.  I have family members who are very conservative and have expressed intolerance toward brown people.  I'm ashamed to say that when I was a lot younger, I probably felt and expressed those ideas myself.

I feel like I changed when I left the South and started mingling with people who aren't like me.  It really seemed to start when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Seriously, I was the only one in my group who was born and raised southern.  It's not the kind of thing southerners tend to do...  or at least not as much as people from other (more liberal) parts of the country.  Maybe that's changed in the past twenty years.

When I started to hang around people who were different, my perspective changed and, I believe, my mind broadened.  Now, if I try to express my changed views to my loved ones, they think I'm a liberal "nutjob".  They think that stupid Confederate memorials and the concept of "white pride" are worth killing and dying for.

It breaks my heart that my home state is where this racist and hate inspired bullshit happened yesterday.  It makes me glad I live in Germany, a country that has already dealt with this stupidity and learned from it.  Way too many Americans have their heads up their asses.

In other news...
Zane is feeling pretty good this morning.  He was begging for a walk, so Bill took him down to the Robidog (poop receptacle) at the start of our usual route.  He was sniffing and galloping, acting as if he wanted to go much further.  I think that walk was a real morale booster for him.

He seems to be healing nicely.  I dread finding out what that bump was we had removed, but I think Zane will be right as rain in a couple more days.  


  1. I'm glad Zane is healing well.

    Mr. Prez is a bit slow to denounce the white supremacists, probably because they're such a big part of his base. Surely he personally doesn't think the way they do; I understand that he's a bit of an oaf, but he's not one of THEM, is he?

    1. I think he will say or not say whatever he has to to stay in power.


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