Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Seagull leadership!

Yesterday, I became aware of an amusing term that is brand new to me.  In the wake of Donald Trump's revolving staff, someone referred to his presidency as "seagull leadership".  It would be easy for me to simply define what seagull leadership is, but I think it's better to ask my readers to consider what seagulls are known for doing...

But first, watch this cool video.

When you go to the beach, what do you see?  A bunch of seagulls flocking around.  They all swoop in, shit all over everything, and leave a mess to clean up.  

Seagull managers never interact with their employees unless there is a problem.  For that reason, they very rarely offer praise or encouragement when things are going well.  Instead, they remain absent until disaster strikes.    

Although a quick Googling informs me that the term "seagull manager" has been around for awhile, I have to admit that when it comes to watching 45 in action, I think "seagull leadership" works very well.  It's an astute observation of what's been happening since he was inaugurated in January.  Seagull managers are usually untrained and inexperienced.  They have a tendency to really fuck things up.

As I read about Trump's latest staff changes, I can't help but think 45 is definitely a "seagull leader"... and Americans are going to be left with a big mess when he finally exits the White House.  Yeah... the past few months have been quite the shitshow.  I can't imagine why anyone works for Trump since he changes his employees like most people change their underwear.

Moving on...

I made the mistake of venturing back to Cruise Critic's message boards yesterday.  The same woman who, just a couple of weeks ago, informed me that Hebridean Island Cruises is *not* a luxury cruise line, had left some very tacky comments.  Someone had wanted to know which lines offer included excursions.  I had commented that Hebridean does.  Later, I explained more about the experience.  The "tasteless wonder" came back and said that she and her friends had been "giggling" about how funny the ship looks.  She's never even experienced a Hebridean cruise and knows what she knows simply by Googling.

I left a comment indicating that I hoped she would stay off Hebridean Princess because her elitist attitude would spoil the experience for others.  Then I had a very entertaining discussion on my Facebook page.

I'm not quite awake yet, so I'm not yet ready to do any heavy duty writing...  but maybe after I've had more coffee and walked the dogs, I will come back and write about something else that's on my mind.  If I don't write about it today, I'll probably write about it tomorrow... because I think it's just that juicy.


  1. The seagull leadership analogy is certainly fitting.

    The cruise ccritic sounds lovely.

    1. I think she's a massive twat. I came close to saying so.


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