Friday, August 11, 2017

Pupdate... and an infuriating article I read about LDS leadership this morning...

Zane in all his gimpy glory...

We were at the vet's office for about two hours yesterday.  Arran got his teeth cleaned without incident.  Zane had two growths removed, one of which was a simple lipoma on his right hind leg.  He had a tiny growth removed on his right foreleg, too.  It was right by his dew claw.  I don't know for certain, but I have a feeling it was a mast cell tumor.  Because Zane's ALP liver enzymes were off on the blood test he got last week, the vet did an ultrasound on his liver, which was normal.  Then he had a dental and the vet removed a loose tooth.  I have to take Zane back to have his bandage changed today.

The vet sent us home with a bag of foul smelling treats that are supposed to help cleanse the liver. In a month, we'll do another blood test.  I have a feeling he'll be alright with some liver supporting meds.  He has no indications of liver disease... no diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, jaundice or bloated belly.  She also sent us home with one pain relief tablet and a product called Vomex, which is a suppository that is supposed to stop vomiting.  Fortunately, Zane didn't need the Vomex, because that would have required me to insert the suppository in his ass.  

I was pretty surprised by how perky Zane was once he was totally awake.  This morning, he jumped off the bed by himself, although Bill helped him with the stairs.  He gobbled down his food, too.  Now he's taking a rest on the bed pictured above.  I think he's going to bounce back quickly from this.  I just hope he doesn't end up with more tumors.  That's why I'm giving him extra Benadryl.  It's hard to believe removing that tiny bump on his paw required such a large bandage.  But it's mostly to keep him from chewing on the stitches.  The vet also put Japanese mint oil on the bandage.  Supposedly, it doesn't smell good to dogs and discourages them from chewing and licking.  The stitches on his hind leg already look pretty good and he's not been bothering them.  

Moving on...

This morning, I read an article about leaked minutes from a Priesthood Leadership Conference that took place in Layton, Utah back in February 2014.  The meeting, which included members of the LDS church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, addressed a number of issues, including how church leaders should handle homosexuals.  Elder L. Tom Perry, a member of the Twelve, was asked “How do you help a young man or young woman who comes in and says ’I think I’m gay’?”  Perry's response was “Give them association with manly things... Strong men that represent the ideal of relationships, a man who is vigorous and knows the power he holds.”

In other words, according to Perry, the reason there are gay people in the LDS church is that they haven't been exposed to enough "things" that represent their gender.  There's a lot wrong with this assumption, of course.  I have known quite a few gay men who were very masculine and fully identified with all things "manly" except heterosexual relationships.  I never would have guessed they were gay.  In fact, I have a cousin who is gay and served as an officer in the Marine Corps for years.  Most of us were none the wiser until he left the Marines and came out to the family.  I have also known a lot of feminine lesbians who simply preferred women to men, but were as womanly as women come.  Their homosexuality had nothing to do with their gender identity.

Aside from the incredible ignorance of the stupid "manly things" comment, I had to laugh when I read the article linked above, since one concern the LDS leaders had was that giving LGBT people marriage equality will "divide the nation".  They seem to have the attitude that if you give homosexuals an inch, they'll take a mile.  Let them get a foothold in politics and they'll force their "icky gayness" on everyone.  Do Mormons not realize that they do the same fucking thing every time they move en masse into a town and get involved in politics?  

Take a look at Utah, a place that was previously predominantly inhabited by Native Americans.  How many laws there are in place because they were inspired by the predominantly Mormon population in that state?  Take a look at my mother's hometown of Buena Vista, Virginia.  Until about twenty years ago, that city was very protestant and full of native Virginians with Scots-Irish ancestry.  Since the evolution of Southern Virginia University, which is not LDS church owned but is run by Mormons, Buena Vista and the surrounding communities are becoming a lot more Mormon friendly, which encourages more to move there and vote accordingly.  With the influx of Mormons, especially those who get into politics, comes a change in culture.  Granted... the cultural change is not all bad.  But it is a change.  The men in this leadership conference don't like the idea of homosexuals "taking a mile" by getting into politics and inspiring laws that protect or promote their interests.  But they fail to see that other people may not like it when Mormons "take a mile", either, especially when they come up with church inspired laws that are forced on people who aren't church members.

I suppose it makes sense for politicians to vote for issues that affect them and their constituents.  So a member of the LDS faith who faithfully adheres to the religion is probably going to support laws that control things like liquor sales, Sunday business hours, and morality.  Does it not make sense that a homosexual who serves in a political office would support LGBT issues?  And don't they, as fellow citizens, have that right?

I have written many times on this blog that I do think religion matters in a political candidate.  I think those who implore people to ignore a candidate's religious preferences are naive.  It's a nice idea to be extremely open-minded about religion.  I do agree that it makes sense to look at a candidate as a whole, because not all people of faith (regardless of the faith) are unreasonable zealots.  However, I think it's a bad idea to ignore religion and not take it into account.  Many people who complain about religious persecution would never dream of voting for a Muslim or an atheist... or a homosexual.  Anyway, if you want to read the full document that inspired the article I shared, here's a link.      

I suspect our weekend will be low key.  Zane will have another bandage change on Monday.  Hopefully, he'll heal quickly so he can get back to loving his walks.


  1. The LDS hierarchy are incredibly out-of-touch with reality and with how their words and actions will be perceived. I suspect in some cases they simply don't care how their actions will be regarded as in they're above reproach in their minds, but in many other cases they honestly believe they're speaking wisdom that will be highly regarded by all who hear it.

    I'm glad to hear that the immediate scare with Zane has passed.

    1. Yeah, he just had his dressing changed and was friendly to everyone in the waiting room. Meanwhile, Arran took a dump and got into Zane's liver support tablets. Fortunately, it looks like he didn't enjoy them.

  2. Whether it's dogs or kids, it seems as though whenever one is doing better, the other one feels he has to pick up the slack.


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