Monday, August 14, 2017

Play stupid games; win stupid prizes...

This morning, as I was recovering from being rudely awakened by Zane whining to get into bed with us and then stabbing my inner thigh with his toenails, I read an article shared on Facebook about the poor dude who has become the new poster child for the alt-right movement.  20 year old Peter Cvjetanovic, a college student from Reno, Nevada, was in Charlottesville this past Saturday, shouting and carrying a tiki torch.  His face went viral and now he's coping with the ramifications of being labeled a racist.

Mr. Cvjetanovic studies history and political science at the University of Nevada, Reno.  At age 20, he evidently thinks his "white heritage" is being threatened and that's apparently why he decided he needed to go to Charlottesville and participate in the "White Nationalist" march.  He claims that he cares for all people, but somehow the removal of a Robert E. Lee memorial in Charlottesville will eventually lead to the erosion of whatever heritage white people have.


I remember being twenty.  Technically, a twenty year old is an adult.  I remember what twenty year olds were like when I was that age.  It sounds to me like Mr. Cvjetanovic is very naive, immature, and needs to study more history.  We were fortunate in my day because we didn't have Facebook or any other social media.  When we did stupid shit like this-- although this is pretty epicly stupid, even for a twenty year old man-- it was a pretty safe bet that it would eventually and fairly quickly blow over.  Yes, people took pictures back in those days, but you had to wait until the film was developed before you could see them.  Sometimes that would take weeks.  At an event like the one in Charlottesville, I would imagine this dude's face would end up in a newspaper, but not everyone read the newspaper back in those days.

Of course, Mr. Cvjetanovic grew up in the Internet age.  Perhaps his family may have been recent immigrants to the United States, with a last name like his.  My guess is that they came from somewhere in Eastern Europe.  My guess (hope, really) is that he fell in with the wrong crowd and they convinced him that he needed to stand up for his "white rights".  It's incredibly misguided thinking.  I don't know how many southern redneck types are living in Reno, but I have a feeling he came nose to nose with them in Charlottesville.  I wonder if he identified with them in their hodgepodge of military regalia decorated with American and Confederate battle flags and KKK symbols.  I wonder if he really wants to associate with them... trade in that white polo shirt and khaki ensemble he's wearing for a white sheet and a hood.

What in the world made this guy think it was a good idea to come to Virginia and participate in this nonsense?  Did he think to himself, "I'm gonna go to Virginia for the weekend and raise some hell!  It's gonna be awesome, dude.  We're gonna make history!"  Did it ever occur to him that things could turn violent and pictures would be taken and shared?  Clearly not, since he now regrets being the poster child for white supremacists.  While this incident will eventually blow over-- especially since it looks like another rally is being planned for Richmond-- that epic picture will always be around.  My guess is that Mr. Cvjetanovic will regret his actions for some time to come... maybe even for the rest of his life.

In the short term, Mr. Cvjetanovic will have to deal with the ugly aftermath of opening his big trap on camera (which he literally did).  There will probably be repercussions for some time.  He may lose his job or his spot in college.  Maybe he'll lose friends.  Hopefully, he'll gain much needed perspective and a clue and not let this ruin his life.  But first, he needs to realize that white people have been in charge for a very long time in the United States.  And the United States didn't even belong to white people to begin with; they came in and took the land from Native Americans.  They did the same thing around the world, especially notably in Australia and Africa.

I don't think a person should feel ashamed of their race.  No one can help being who they are.  Race is not something that can be changed.  Some of these men who were marching may have felt that too many people were dumping on them because they happen to be white.  And, of course, that's not right.  But white people don't need to preserve their heritage.  White heritage has been at the forefront for a very long time.  And even if it hadn't been, it's crazy that people were hurt and killed in the name of "preserving white heritage".

If he's smart, Mr. Cvjetanovic will learn from this incident.  Maybe he'll even tell his own children about it.

The above video is worth a view.


  1. I feel terribly sorry for the people of Virginia in all of this. States don't get to close their borders.

    1. I'm sure it's especially horrifying for people in Charlottesville.


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