Thursday, August 3, 2017

Guy digs "curvy chicks"... Internet goes berserk.

This morning, as I struggled to wake up to a humid, storm cloud filled sky, I read an article on about a guy who wrote a heartfelt social media post about his "thicker, curvier" wife.  Robbie Tripp's wife, Sarah, is apparently considered "fat" by a lot of people.  But Robbie loves her anyway, thinks she's beautiful, and wants the world to know.  So he posted a "body positive" message to her and everyone else in his social media sphere.  His comments went viral, and now I'm seeing it on (which I probably should quit following)...

I actually have nothing against Tripp's post.  I think it's beautiful that he wants to express his love for his wife and remind other people that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I think it's sad that Tripp posted how his friends made fun of him when he was a teenager because he finds heavy women attractive.  I don't understand why people can't be allowed to simply love whom they love without input from other people (as long as their attraction doesn't involve children, animals, or people who are incapacitated in some way and vulnerable to abuse).

What makes me sad are the ridiculous comments, which I really should know better than to read...  For instance:

I was borderline overweight and worked in a healthy way to get on the "thinner" side again. To me, this article throws all my hard work in the trash, and basically says is be more attractive if I had stayed over twenty pounds heavier.

Um... this isn't about you, is it?  He's married and loves his wife.  He's expressing his love for his wife and reminding other people that standards of beauty are different among different people.  Frankly, this lady sounds like she needs a Snickers bar or something.

It almost sounds like he's body shaming in the opposite direction. He has his definition of what's beautiful, and it's not every body type, which is totally fine, but he's doing to thin girls what he hates being done to his wife.

There were a lot of comments like the one above.  Thin women were coming out of the woodwork to remind everyone that they're "real women" too.  I don't really think that was his point, though.  It's not that thin women aren't "real", it's that the women we see in the media are usually airbrushed.  Real women have flaws.  It doesn't necessarily have to mean they're fat.  It's just that they aren't perfect, as no one is.

Before we married my husband said if you get over 140lbs I will divorce you. We have been together 21years/married 15 and I'm 170lbs! You know what??? We have more sex now than we did when I was skinny

Why in the world would you marry someone who said that?  What an ass.

I don't feel sorry for thin women because life is easier for them. Dating is so easy for them it's ridiculous

Actually, I do feel a little sorry for women who attract men solely because of their looks.  I never dated a lot when I was growing up.  It was hard on my ego, but I also didn't have to deal with shallow, superficial fucks who were only interested in my appearance.  I married a great guy who loves me for who I am.  I think that's worth more than going on a bunch of dates.

There were a bunch of comments like the ones I posted, although I was really glad not to see any from people who are upset because we're "normalizing" fat people.  For once, the fat shamers seemed to stay away.  But then I moved on to another post...  This one was shared by George Takei.  It was about a woman who changed her diet and exercise habits and lost weight.  The comments on that piece were pretty golden, I guess.

Good for her. She was fat and ugly and now she is thin and beautiful. What an inspiration.

The guy who posted this claimed to be sarcastic, which I can actually believe.  The comments that followed his were very contentious, though, ncluding this one from a vegan who is witnessing to the crowd.

She'd get even better results cutting meat out of her diet altogether. Stick with the veggies, no need to worry about cutting carbs. The food industry wants you to believe you need to get protein from meat to be healthy, it's a LIE.

I actually admire vegans.  I would love to be able to eat a diet containing no meat.  I don't think it would make me very happy, though.  Again, when I read comments like the one above, it makes me sad that people have so much trouble living and let live.


90% of the stuff you post is either hilarious or inspirational or thought-provoking.


Fatphobic BULLSHIT masquerading as support.

You can't tell a person's health issues from the size of their body, and people can be beautiful whether smaller or larger.

She didn't have any health problems prior, she just wasn't happy with her body. It's great that she's decided to change her diet and exercise more, but fuck - people need to stop suggesting this as a panacea that a) everyone that's overweight needs and wants or b) is capable of doing.

No, no, no, and NO.

Yeah.  I can get onboard with the comment above.  If you want to change your body, that's your prerogative.  If other people want to follow your lead, that's their prerogative.  Live and let live.  

Sigh...  I have to take the boys to the vet today for a blood test.  Next week, they are having their teeth cleaned.  Zane will get a couple of growths removed.  Hopefully, he'll end up healthier because of it.  Yesterday, we got word that Bill can come with me to Scotland.  So now he either needs to visit the tailor and get a new jacket fixed up for his blues or he needs to go on a crash diet for the next five weeks.  I, on the other hand, ordered dresses that are a hair too big.  I'm grateful that I'll be cruising on a ship that caters to elderly British people.  Maybe I should be more conscious of my size, but I went through years of that shit and I don't want to go back to it.  I'm glad there are guys like my husband around who aren't shallow, vain, or stupid.


  1. Not all men like women who have few or no curves. I've found that guys feel freer to tell a curve less woman to her face what they think is wrong with her body than they would feel in telling a curvier woman. I suppose the idea is that only a real jerk would risk hurting the feelings of a chubby woman by telling her why too many curves don't appeal to him, but that thin women should be less sensitive about hearing why thinness might be unappealing to a particular guy. Some might think that the bluntness is OK or even good, as in it's better than being talked about behind one's back. I personally don't give a rip what a complete jerk might say behind my back, but I don't wish to be put in a position of feeling as though, in order to save face while Im being blatantly insulted, I have to smile, be gracious, and avoid acting as though I'm either embarrassed or hurt by negative or excessively personal descriptions of a given person's opinion of my body.

    Why can't guys simply be attracted to whatever type they desire without the necessity of putting down those women who possess other body types?

    1. Why can't people simply STFU about other people's bodies?

    2. There used to be a Robbie Tripp who sang with his brother and parents on TBN (he now calls himself "Robb") but I checked and it's not the same Robbie Tripp.


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