Saturday, August 5, 2017

Accountants who are broke...

I have an old friend, I'll call him Dick.  I met Dick in college.  I was a freshman at the time and he was junior, having transferred to Longwood after earning an associate's degree in his hometown.  I want to say he was a business major when we met, but then he changed his major to history.  I also want to say that he was in some kind of trouble with the school because I distinctly remember him telling me he was in danger of being suspended and had appealed to the dean.  But I don't remember if it was because of academics or discipline.

Anyway, I used to party with Dick a lot, but we lost touch after college.  He eventually got married to a woman who had a PhD.  Sadly, his wife ultimately succumbed to lung cancer.  She left behind her daughter with Dick, a beautiful one year old child who is now four.

Dick is now trying to run his own business and raising his daughter alone.  I think he's going through a pretty rough time because his comments on Facebook are frequently about his problems getting by. I don't know for certain, but I think his business is struggling and, since he's raising his young daughter, he seems to be having a hard time covering all his bases.

I don't want to write too much more about Dick's specific situation because, truth be told, I feel kind of sad for him.  I can see he's having difficulty handling all of his responsibilities.  However, I do think that being an accountant with money issues is probably very detrimental to his livelihood.  I have never hired an accountant myself, but I would have to guess that if I did want to hire one, I'd be concerned if my accountant was dealing with personal financial problems.  Although in Dick's case, I can see where the problems came from.  Also, it's been my observation that when you get into money problems, they have a tendency to compound.

It always sucks to have financial problems.  God knows, when I met Bill, he had a lot of them.  And Bill was in a job at that time that involved finance, even though his personal finances were a wreck.  By all rights, I probably should not have gotten involved with him, but I knew his situation was caused by elements beyond his control.  Hopefully, that's what's going on in Dick's case, too.  He does seem to be struggling, though.  I hope things turn around for him soon.


  1. Poor Dick.

    I have an aunt who hawks vitamin/mineral supplements for a company that offers its products as a replacement for allopathic medicine (including vaccines and birth control). She and her nine remaining (my parents adopted one of her ten kids when she and her husband disowned him after he had to leave his mission for health reasons) children are constantly sick. I have a dentist cousin whose teeth (and those of his wife and kids) are TERRIBLE. I have a Life Coach cousin who has the brattiest kids I know (who always have livce), whose house was repossessed, who has trichotillomania, and whose husband is unemployed. I have an aunt who couldn't cook a meal that you or I would eat yet who is writing her third self-published cookbook; she harasses relatives to buy her cookbooks.

    Dick sounds perfectly suited to his profession compared to my relatives. He sounds like he has had some tough breaks, though.

    You and the Lt. Col. just had some temporary circumstances that contributed to temporarily difficult finances. Financially dysfunctional people usually get themselves right back into trouble even if someone gets them out of it Scot-free. (Sorry for the racial slur against Scots, of which I'm one if DNA results of my mom are to be believed.)


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