Monday, July 31, 2017

Silly FB games... and leggo my ego...

Because I have way too much time on my hands, I often end up playing Facebook games.  Most of the games I play are on my iPad.  That way, I can kill time almost anywhere.  Right now, I'm hooked on Cooking Dash, Covet, and a new game I discovered last week called Choices.

Choices is obviously intended for much younger women than I am.  Basically, in this game, you are a female college student who is placed in certain scenarios.  Your choices as to what you should do determine how the story ends.  I saw this game advertised and thought it looked intriguing.  Then I started playing it and realized that all it does is make me feel ancient.

I gave the character my name-- which is what you're supposed to do.  Then, as I started playing, I realized the choices involved basically encompassed all of the worst stereotypes of going to college.  So far, my character has rushed and failed to join a sorority, gotten involved in an interracial relationship, dated a football player. met a gay guy, been kissed by a lesbian, and gotten a job with a snotty professor who has cancer and an estranged daughter.

The game developers make their money by offering interactions and/or outfits that require payment.  You earn currency every time you finish a chapter in the book, but the accumulation is not fast enough to buy a lot of the premium stuff.  So if you get hooked on the game, you may find yourself spending real money on it.  Personally, I think the game is kind of silly and, clearly, I am way too old for it, so I doubt I'll play it for much longer.

I'd rather play Cooking Dash, which requires some skill, or Covet, which is more appealing to my inner Barbie doll fan.  Besides, I was not the stereotypical college student portrayed in Choices.  I wasn't a wanna be sorority girl who was hooking up with football players.  We didn't even have a football team at my college.

I think Choices would be a better game if the developers allowed a bit more flexibility in the type of character in the game itself.  But I guess that would be a harder game to develop and likely would cost more.  I miss the days when you could buy a game, pay for it once, and enjoy it for many hours without having to constantly pump money into it.

Moving on to a different kind of silly FB game...

A couple of months ago, I posted about a guy I knew in college who unfriended me over a disagreement we had over a silly FB post about Melania Trump.  The other day, in the wake of our mutual college friend's sudden death, he sent me a private message.  Apparently, he had forgotten why we are no longer friends.  I explained to him that he unfriended me a few weeks ago, but I didn't rehash the (really stupid) incident that caused the unfriending.

He came back and said that I must have really upset him, since he never unfriends people.  Clearly it's my fault we're no longer friends, even though I didn't hit the unfriend button.  Especially since he doesn't remember why he unfriended me.  I suppose he just confirmed that losing him as a FB friend is not a big loss.  It was a very awkward exchange and, frankly, kind of embarrassing.

I also lost two likes on the Overeducated Housewife FB page.  I'm actually thinking about taking down the FB page, because it sort of causes me unnecessary angst.  I initially put it up so people would have an easy way of finding posts and/or commenting if they want to.  It has been a somewhat decent vehicle for that.  But it also serves as something to obsess over and worry about unnecessarily.  Yes, I admit it.  I have a fragile ego.

The hot, sticky weather is back... just in time for August.  Thanks to Zane and his tummy issues, I've been up since 4:15am and I'm already tired.  I hate Mondays.



  1. I don't do Facebook but hate what I've seen of most of those games.

    i hope Zane feels better.

    I agreee that Mondays usually suck. For some reason, when they're attached to three-day weekends, they somehow seem less sucky to me.

    1. Zane is okay. We all had a nap today.


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