Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh my God, you're a bitch!

I was just reading about professional political shithead Ann Coulter, who has made a career out of being a nasty person.  She's been engaged in a Twitter storm with Delta Airlines because she booked a seat with extra leg room and was forced to move.

According to the Washington Post, Ann Coulter had zero sympathy for Dr. David Dao, who was famously dragged kicking and screaming off a United flight back in April.  Dao's injuries were quite severe; he required surgery to recover.  But Ms. Coulter wrote, "Sorry about the dragging, but a convicted pill-mill doctor should be deported."

Now that she's been mistreated by an airline, Coulter feels quite free to vent.  Coulter was reportedly moved to a different seat in the same row, presumably an identical one with the extra leg room Coulter had booked.  But that's not enough for the pro-Trump pundit.  She's disparaged Delta Airlines, its employees, and the woman who was seated in the place Coulter claims she'd booked.  According to a witness, Coulter was moved from an aisle seat to a window.

I will go on record to state that if airlines offer seat selections and people have paid money to pre-book a seat, that request should be honored unless there is a very good reason not to... one that involves safety or someone's health, for instance.  However, Ann Coulter's behavior post flight has been dreadful and hypocritical.  Flying generally sucks for everyone, but acting like a toddler having a tantrum does not make things better for anyone.

For its part, Delta tweeted that it would refund Ms. Coulter's money for the seat she booked and did not get.  And it also added that Ms. Coulter's abusive insults about Delta's employees and other passengers is "unacceptable and unnecessary."

For the life of me, I do not understand how a person like Ann Coulter makes a living doing what she does.  She is truly vile.  


  1. I saw that and found it a bit off-putting, too.

    Judge Alex is supposedly having Ms. Coulter send me an autographed photo. I'll believe it when I'm actually holding it in my hands, as it was originally to be sent back in December.

    I'm not quite sure what to do with it if it arrives.

    1. OMG... that guy bignevermo from RfM just posted on my FB about Judge Alex and how he likes Ann Coulter.

  2. Judge Alex is a great guy, but unless Ms. Coulter's real-life persona is far different than her TV image, I question his taste.

    1. Supposedly Judge Alex invited her over for a party or something.

  3. Wow. I cannot imagine his wife thinking highly of her. (Perhaps she's much different in person than her TV/writing persona. I have relatives who insist her gig is all an act. I don't believe it because I don't think a person could conjure that much evil on cue, but who knows?) JA's wife's family is supposedly much less conservative than JA is, and they must have been somewhere between amused and appalled at Ann Coulter having been in the home of their own relative.


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