Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I just discovered yet another mega family...

As the world ponders how Jill Dillard is doing in the wake of her second son's birth, I discovered another gigantic family yesterday.  It happened when I was watching Netflix yesterday afternoon and I saw a show called Megafamilies.  Three huge families were profiled, including one in India with 161 people in it and the Maher family of Ireland.

The family that caught my attention, though, was the Cason family.  At the time the show was filmed, they were a family of 18, living in California.  Christi Cason had sixteen children; her two eldest were from a different relationship and the following fourteen were from her marriage to Dave Cason. This enormous family was living in a three bedroom home.  As the camera panned around the residence, I could see that the house appeared to be in poor repair.  One of the kids lamented about having just one bathroom.  More than once, she said it "sucks".

The Cason family eventually moved to a larger home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms.  I'm guessing the new house was in California, since it looked like they moved themselves and had to make a couple of trips.  But I have since read that they moved to Indiana, where living expenses are lower.  Christi Cason stays at home with the children while her husband works.

This report is about the Casons' 17th child.  They have since had another.

Since the show aired, the Casons have had two more kids and are apparently trying for another.  Christi Cason even used Clomid to get pregnant with her 17th child.  I hesitate to tell people how many children they should have.  In fact, I found the Casons kind of refreshing in that they aren't really religious folks like the Duggars.  On the other hand, I gather Christi is about my age and I can't even begin to fathom what would make someone have so many kids.  I mean, I know some people really love children and enjoy being parents, but it just seems like so much work.  I like peace and quiet, and while I'm not the cleanest person in the world, I do like things to be somewhat clean.

Several of the kids were asked if they wanted to have huge families themselves and they all said "no" with resounding conviction.  It sounds like the Casons aren't pushing their kids to live their lifestyle, which is commendable.  Not everyone should have a huge family.  Some people don't have the temperament for it.  Some people are not physically capable of it.  And very few people can legitimately afford it.

Anyway, I don't know much about the Cason family.  They seem like nice enough people.  I don't get having enormous families, but it's not my life.  I do think it's kind of crazy to take Clomid when you've already got sixteen kids.  Then again, it's not my life or my body.  Who am I to judge?  But it does seem exhausting to me.  I wouldn't want to do it.

I don't know what's going on with Jill Dillard right now, but there is speculation that her second birth may have been fraught with complications.  Some people are saying that Jill might have tried to labor at home for too long and suffered medical issues that might make having more kids dangerous or even impossible.  I'm definitely not saying I know what went wrong, because I don't.  I'm only saying that the Dillards are strangely quiet...  I remember when Jill was pregnant with her first child, Israel, and there was a new baby bump picture every day.  She was much quieter with Sam and there's been mostly radio silence from the Dillards since he entered the world on July 8th.

I guess we'll see what happens.  Jill is the same person who asked poor Jinger if she was pregnant mere weeks after her wedding.  I will never forget the look of utter shock on Jinger's face at that.  So if Jill is done having babies, it'll probably be pretty awful for her.  I can't say I'm a Duggar fan, per se, but I don't wish any of them ill.

Incidentally, I watched Jesus Camp again yesterday and was disturbed anew.  It's hard to believe that documentary was new in 2006.  The years are flying by.  And extreme religion is still flourishing.



  1. One of my study group's favorite activities is to watch Jesus Camp while wasted.

    I saw an interview a while ago when a young adult Jinger said she wanted to live in a city. Jana was very quick to jump on Jinger and to telll her she would live WHERE GOD WANTED HER TO LIVE and not in a city. At the time it made me very grateful not to have an older sister. Who in the hell did Jill think she was to tell an adult sister she couldn't even express an opinion obout where she wanted to live? I don't wish a sick or weakened baby on anyone, but I really don't like Jill.

    1. I thought it was Michelle who said that... but maybe it was Jill. Jill has always been a big Kool-Aid drinker.


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