Monday, June 5, 2017

Yet another male Facebook friend bites the dust...

So... yesterday I wrote a rant about "dishonest memes".  It was inspired by a meme I've seen floating around featuring the late, great George Carlin.  I mentioned in that rant that I've seen that meme at least a couple of times and, when I see it, I hide it.  When I saw the meme posted yet again, I felt the need to write about it here on my blog.  I figured that would be better than getting into a Facebook argument with the person who posted it.  Those can get long and contentious.  Not as many people read my blog as they do Facebook.

I will admit that had the person posted the meme featuring Morgan Freeman using the same words, I probably wouldn't have been as bothered and likely never would have thought to write my rant.  George Carlin is kind of sacred to me.  He's helped me get through some rough times.

Anyway, this morning, I awoke to find the person who inspired yesterday's post had unfriended me.  He left me a comment on the link to the rant on my Overeducated Housewife page.  It was yet another picture.  I like pictures!

My first thought: Aw man... he's butthurt!

Truthfully, this person was not someone I interacted with much anyway.  I've never met him in person.  I suspect we have different political leanings, so we didn't do much communicating on Facebook.  If this person happens to read this follow up, please allow me to apologize for apparently offending you by indirectly calling you out.  It's (almost) never my intention to be hurtful, although I know sometimes I am.  But I will not apologize for expressing my thoughts on my blog.  

I don't think I'm necessarily wrong to write about the things that bug me.  That's what blogs are for.  Moreover, misusing George Carlin's memory is annoying and offensive to me.  It occurs to me that if we were real friends, you'd know that and actually care.      

I get my ideas from all sorts of sources, including friends, family, and anything I see on social media.  Most of the time, I try not to name people directly, unless they are famous people, people named in the media, and/or certain relatives.  I did not name this person, but he obviously read the rant.  I can only assume, based on the above picture comment he left me, that he was annoyed by it...  just as I get offended by people who carelessly take liberties with George Carlin's memory.  

It's okay.  We all get butthurt over different things.  If someone had vented specifically about me or something I did on their blog, I'd probably be annoyed and offended, too.  If they were an actual friend, I might care enough to talk to them about it.  Or maybe not.  It's clear this person wasn't an actual friend, though, so it's probably for the best that he dropped me out of his universe.  Moreover, that post was not actually about him, but about the practice of sharing fake memes.     

The funny thing is, one thing I do know about this person is that he likes to write.  I "met" him on Epinions, which was a place that was full of opinionated people writing product reviews.  I didn't like his Epinions nickname because of my phobia of mushrooms (his name was a play on fungus), but I did like his reviews.  In fact, I think he was even on my Web of Trust for a long time.  One thing I miss about Epinions is that it was a place where one could make money for being articulate and opinionated.

In a weird way, I'm actually kind of glad to be unfriended by this person because my friend count was at an odd number and it was starting to make me feel out of sync.  I'm not sure why, but I like it when I have an even number of Facebook friends, unless of course, the number ends in a 5.  Like, I'd be happy with 425 friends, but not 423.  I have more than 425 "friends" right now and it's probably too many.  It seems that lately I keep offending people-- especially men-- with my obnoxious opinions and hysterical reactions.  But anyway, I'm back to an even number and that makes me feel more stable.  All is okay in my world again.

Anyway...  to anyone reading this, if you ever happen to find yourself the subject of this blog, I hope you realize that on some level that you have served as an inspiration to someone.  Sometimes people inspire others in a positive way.  Sometimes the inspiration is borne out of something negative.  Either way, inspiration usually leads to creativity and sometimes creativity leads to genius.  I'm certainly not saying anything on this blog falls into the genius category, but writing it does help keep me sane.  


  1. On an only tangentially related note, I was taught when I took CPR for the first time in high school to time chest compressions to a mental rendition of "Another One Bites the Dust" in order to get the pace close to where it should be.

    1. That's interesting. I will have to remember that if I ever have occasion to give someone chest compressions.

  2. I find that the people who's opinions I care about don't inspire me to write blog posts. I didn't have any connection to the person you mention (I believe I unfriended him a while ago for the same thing - I don't like people who just post things they agree with that are false, as if George Carlin saying it gives their opinion more credence). If he's got that much of an issue with being called out for posting false memes, the simple solution is not to post them. Don't blame the messenger for pointing out your ignorance and bias.

    1. I have a feeling that he felt personally called out on that particular post. I wasn't just calling him out, I was trying to call out the practice of using random people to promote agendas. He was not the only one who shared that meme; he just happened to be the one that prompted me to start writing. Anyway, whatever.

      Sometimes people do inspire me in positive ways and I'll write about them, but I will admit that often it's the other way around. The fact is, I'm kind of a curmudgeon, so I tend to be snarky and negative. A lot of people don't like me. It is what it is. :D

    2. I find that it's far more stimulating to blog about negative things. If I have words of sunshine and rainbows, I just say them aloud to whomever I meet. I have no cause to blog about the, The negatives, however . . .

    3. I think many people like to read about the negatives, too. Let's face it. Life is hard for many people and kvetching is human nature. It's admirable when people only see the good in things, but I think most people like to gripe. And a lot of people enjoy reading well-written gripes about things they also want to complain about.

      I don't have any use for life affirming, uplifting, positive spun blogs. I know some people love them, but I don't. I enjoy bitching about things.

    4. I think there's positive and uplifting and then there's saccharine and fake. I find positive and uplifting will come from people who are pretty genuine. You can spot the fake ones pretty quick. Sort of like the Duggars.

    5. Yeah. I am not a fan of fake anything. Especially orgasms.



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