Thursday, June 8, 2017

Unfortunate typos...

This post is not for the faint of heart.  If you're easily disgusted, skip it.

The other day, I was on Facebook reading about George and Amal Clooney's twins being born.  I'm not sure what made me decide to read the comments, since most of them were the garden variety "congratulations" that typically come when a baby is born.  Did you ever notice when someone announces a marriage, birth, or death, the comments are usually pretty boring?  Most people say things like "Best wishes.", "Congratulations.", or "I'm sorry for your loss."  I had to laugh, though, when I read what one lady wrote.  "Congratulations, George and Anal!"

As you can see, someone blamed me for the unfortunate typo!  

I wish I'd thought to save the comment (ETA: check above), but I happened to be on my iPad at the time and it wasn't convenient.  I'm certain that unfortunate typo was caused by an auto correct fail.  It made me think that poor Amal has probably had her named messed up many times over the years, either on purpose or by accident.

I grew up knowing a guy named Brian.  He was definitely not a mental giant, although he was pretty good with his hands.  One year, his name in our yearbook was printed as "Brain".  Talk about irony.  He did manage to graduate high school, but it was touch and go for awhile.

Sometimes people mess up when they type and sometimes the results are hilarious.  A few years ago, I happened to catch this funny typo that was broadcasted on TV.

That must have been quite a mess!

This morning, someone shared this beaut...

I would imagine it would depend on the shoplifter's skill...

Most of my typos are pretty boring.  I've always been a good speller, although I'm not necessarily the greatest typist.  I also reread things I write and/or have Bill read after me.  He catches a lot of the stuff I miss.  I think if I were working for network TV, I'd be especially careful...

I wouldn't want to be responsible for this!

It's funny, though, because I thought this was an interesting topic.  I was right, since "unfortunate typos" have been reported all over the interwebs.  The link I just posted is only one of dozens.  So I guess today, my topic is kind of lame.  I was actually thinking of writing about menstrual periods today.  No, seriously, I was.  I was going to write about what it feels like to have a really heavy period in the dead of summer.  It's a really offensive and disgusting topic, but I thought it might be fitting for certain audiences who don't like uppity women.  But then I realized that many people who read this blog already know what nasty periods feel and smell like and may not enjoy a post about hot chunks of stinky, bloody debris shooting out of a vagina.  So I came up with unfortunate typos instead.

I suppose I could have written about a friend of mine who was sued by some jerk from her hometown because she posted her opinion about him.  He sued her for "defamation of character" back in September.  The case was just settled yesterday.  The jerk who sued lost.  Hopefully he'll be forced to pay her attorney's fees.  Seriously... fuck him and the horse he rode in on.  I love to see justice prevail.  I'm not going to write more about that, though, because I don't know enough about the people involved.

I could also write more about Bill's and my very recent experience at a textile free spa.  I wrote about that on my travel blog, though, and I don't know that I can add more about it right now.  I'll just say that I found it very liberating being naked in front of strangers.  I must have been an exhibitionist in another life.

I think instead, I'll just get dressed and walk my dogs.  Maybe later, I will be inspired to write something more interesting.  I do wish hearty congratulations to George and Amal Clooney... and I hope if they order a cake or have announcements printed, there aren't any unfortunate typos.


  1. I have light periods because I'm mildly hyperthyroid. If I ever had a heavy period I would probably think I was dying.

    When my mom was covering an elementary campus when the principal had jury duty for a rape trial, a fourth-grade girl who was physically mature came into the office thinking she was dying because she had started and her mom hadn't told her about menstruation yet. The school did discuss it with fourth-graders, but it was only about the fifth week of school and they hadn't gotten around to it yet. (I think it usually happened in November.) Surely the mom saw signs that the kid might be on her way. how cruel not to tell the poor child! My mom called the kid's mom and told her to take the kid home and let her take a bath, equip her with the supplies she would need, then take her out to lunch to give the kid the impression it was a milestone to be celebrated and not to be humiliated about. You don't have to bake a cake and havw 'Happy Menstruation!' written on it in red frosting like the mother of the girl at the looney bin with me did, or even tell the waiter at the restaurant why you're celebrating, but it's still good for a parent to be upbeat about it. My mom happened to have a gift card for a reasonably nice restaurant in her purse, and she gave it to the mother.

    I never saw the miniseries or read the book, but my mom said that happened to Meggie in THE THORNBIRDS, though that, of course was fiction. That was in the dark ages, however. In 2009, parents should have been more enlightened.

    When I was in either 7th or 8th grade (I did half a year in each and had the same English teacher for both, so sometimes I cannot remember whether something happened in 7th or in 8th) we had to do presentations on Greek mythology. One girl, Wyley, largely illustrated on posterboard the Gods associated with a particular myth. She wanted the lettering to look perfect, so she used a machine from her Dad's office that printed what she typed onto a continuous stream of paper so that she wouldn't have to piece anything together and make it look "tacky." Unfortunately she didn't double-check her spelling. Her 'Hermes" poster was boldly labeled "Herpes."

    I had to play at a doctor's concert tonight. my official reason for being in it was that two of the doctor who were accompanying others were on call, but i also played a violin someone borrowed for me. My two-years-from-now supervisor (if I come back for internship or residency) wanted me to get more exposure to ensure that his colleagues agree with him to rank me high when they're doing matches late next winter. Really, what does playing a musical instrument (or singing, which I obviously didn't do but two doctors did) have to do with being a qualified physician or surgeon? Gotta play the game, I guess.

    1. My mom was totally underwhelmed when I started my period. It was New Year's Eve 1985 and I was 13.5 years old, almost to the day. Her comment? "Don't go out and get pregnant." Now, I'm turning 45 in twelve days and I'm waiting for the beastly monthly bills to cease. I never did get pregnant.

      Just after I posted this, I saw a comment someone left about the new Wonder Woman movie. She said her daughter was really impressed by Gal Gadot, especially since she'd been in the Israeli Army. She said her daughter now wants to learn "marital arts" and work with swords.

      My comment? "Marital arts! She may need swords for that!"

    2. I don't know for sure whether I would rather learn martial arts or marital arts.

  2. Back before the internet was the thing it is now, there was usenet groups. I was in one rec.arts.disney,parks (RADP). You couldn't edit posts once they were made to usenet. They are there forever. Well, before Disney opened Animal Kingdom Park, there was a lot of debate about the care of the animals. Some well-meaning, but a lot were just people trolling. Someone responded to something with "Loin Inspectors" instead of "Lion Inspectors." We ran with it. For many years we had a group of women from the group who called ourselves "Loin Inspectors" and we would hand out certificates to men we found with good loins. We even handed them out to Off-Kilter (a band that performed in the park in kilts).

    Typos can be fun.

    1. Bwahahaha! I wonder if our gun loving friend has good loins...


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