Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Duggar family and its collective balls of brass...

A couple of years ago, the Duggar family suffered a career setback when the news broke that their son, Josh, had sexually abused five girls when he was a young teenager.  Later, it became common knowledge that four of Josh's victims were his own sisters.  The youngest victim was then five year old Joy Anna, who recently got married at the ripe old age of 19.  Although the abuse happened in 2002-03, it was not reported until 2006.

It's been in the news lately that the four Duggar sisters who were molested are now bringing lawsuits against In Touch Weekly, the news outlet that broke the story, and the city of Springdale and Washington County, Arkansas.  The sisters maintain that they were promised confidentiality when the investigation was going on back in 2006.  In December 2006, when the investigation was happening, the Duggar sisters were underage, although Josh Duggar was, at that time, almost 19 years old.

The basis of the lawsuit is that the city of Springdale and Washington County breached the Duggar sisters' privacy when they released information about the investigation that made it easy for them to be identified.  And then, In Touch Weekly, printed the story, which exposed the Duggars for the frauds they are and ruined their original TV show, 19 Kids and Counting.

I am pretty certain that this lawsuit has Jim Boob's hands all over it, especially since it's unlikely that the sisters, who were still kids in 2006, were paying attention to whether or not they were being guaranteed anonymity.  Except for Joy, who was nine when Josh was investigated, I'm sure they were just frightened teens at the time, and very sheltered ones at that.  The investigation was going on just as the Duggars were starting to become very popular.  Nine years later, they were still popular and had a squeaky clean image... until it all came crashing down.

I predicted that there would be a spin off reality show on TLC.  Sure enough, the public was presented with Counting On, a show that only features the sisters and their new lives as they are hurriedly married off to Christian suitors.  I'm not sure how much Boob controls the money made from that show, but I do not think it has been as interesting or successful as the original show was.  I'm sure their gravy train took a huge hit.  A settlement would help them recover from their damaged reputations, even though they pretty much brought all of this on themselves.

What really kills me, though, is that now Josh Duggar, who is the one ultimately responsible for this mess, now wants in on his sisters' lawsuit.  He has the balls to claim that he has been negatively affected by the publicity and that it's caused him to relive the anguish and humiliation of that traumatic experience he had as a youth.  It's true that Josh's budding career as a Washington, DC lobbyist was effectively ruined when the world found out about his sex pest tendencies.  Add in a follow up scandal-- that Josh had an Ashley Madison account and was cheating on his wife, Anna, who is now pregnant with his fifth child-- and you have someone whose reputation is extremely damaged.  Truly squeaky clean Christians don't have affairs or consort with porn stars and strippers, unless they're trying to be truly Christlike and actually help people who need it.

While I can appreciate the need to protect minors and sex abuse victims from the press, I do think it's rather rich that the Duggars are upset about "being exposed".  They have been overexposed for well over ten years now.  They're public figures and everybody involved in this lawsuit is now an adult and willingly participating in living public lives.  Moreover, back in 2015, when this scandal first broke, two of the Duggar sisters were interviewed by Megyn Kelly and they said that the abuse was minimal and didn't involve anything more than being felt up over their clothes.  I guess that was a lie, because now they're saying that all of this publicity is causing them to relive serious trauma.  I suppose the trauma will be relieved by a cash settlement?

I thought the Duggar sisters' lawsuit was dumb enough, but now Josh wants in on the action?  He wants to be paid for being exposed as the hypocritical scumbag he is?  Incredible... but I suppose it's not surprising.  He is absolutely shameless.  Perhaps if he hadn't been caught with his hands on his sisters' goodies, he might have made a successful politician.

I think if the Duggars are so concerned about their privacy, they should get off the TV and start living their lives like actual Christians.  The truth is, although Josh was a minor when they offenses took place, he is not a minor now and he was not a minor when the report was filed.  Moreover, this family knew they had these skeletons in the closet.  People who live public lives will have their privacy invaded.  The Duggar children did not have a say in whether or not they'd be on television when they were still kids.  The ones involved in this lawsuit are now adults living very public lives... and they do so of their own volition.

I agree that sex abuse victims are entitled to their privacy, but the Duggars are not behaving as if privacy is really an important issue for them.  They seem to just want more cash.  And I say, if you don't want your reality show ruined, you don't behave like hypocrites and you expect that any skeletons in your closet will eventually be revealed.  This lawsuit is completely ridiculous and ought to be tossed out.  We'll see what happens.


  1. If you haven't been able to see The Handmaid's Tale, you'd appreciate the episode from last Wednesday. That's all I'll say cause I don't want to spoil it, but it hits on the fake piousness of the "do as I say and not as I do" crowd.

    1. I just started reading the book.

    2. The tv series differs a bit from the book. I read the book back in the late 1980's and there's some things I don't recognize. Then again, I could be losing my mind.

    3. I'll probably get to it eventually.


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