Thursday, June 29, 2017

She's baaaaaaack...

For most of yesterday, I had a slight fever.  It broke just after dinner and I started sweating like a whore in church.  Then I proceeded to sleep soundly all night.  I also slept for a good part of yesterday afternoon.  This cold is unusual.  Besides the usual runny nose, sneezing, and aches and pains, it's also given me the runs and made me very tired.  But I am feeling significantly better this morning.  My nose is stuffy, but not so runny.  I have more energy.  And if my freakin' ear would pop, I'd be batting 500.

I did some reading about colds and I think maybe mine was caused by an enterovirus.  Supposedly, they tend to strike more often in the summer and fall and hit harder than the garden variety rhinovirus that usually cause winter colds.  Also, I think I got this cold because I went to the caves.  There were many small kids in one of the caves I visited.  In another cave, I really overdid it physically and was really sore.  It was probably a perfect storm.  I went to the tougher cave first and was worn out the next day, when I visited the caves that had a bunch of kids in them.

Anyway... I do feel somewhat better.  Maybe by the weekend, I'll be well again.  Hopefully, Bill won't get sick, too.

Speaking of Bill, last night he told me he heard from his younger daughter.  Amazingly enough, my anger toward her-- which I have had for years-- has mostly dissipated.  She wrote Bill an email, addressed him as "Dad", and even wished him a happy belated Father's Day.  I'm sure he was touched by that, since it's probably the first time she's done that since she was very small.

She wrote that she and her husband live in Utah.  She's not working at the moment, though he's in school getting a degree in accounting.  She says she's going to write to Bill monthly.  I should mention that I didn't actually see the email.  He just told me that she wrote to him.  

I'm glad she's writing to him, although I really don't trust her.  I wish I could allow myself to believe that she's writing to him simply because she wants to.  I know that could actually be the case.  She might really want to reconnect with him because she wants a relationship with her dad.  But... we have seen this pattern before.  Her brother reconnected with Bill and then shitcanned him when we busted him trying to use Bill for money.  Her mother has a long history of making up and breaking up with various family members.  And although she has Bill's DNA, she also has her mother's DNA and she was actually raised by her.

Maybe it's not fair to assume that Bill's kids are like the rest of their family.  They could end up surprising us.  I don't know...  Again, I am trying to stay out of it as much as possible.  I didn't ask about her; Bill brought it up.  I find that I no longer have a need to talk about the ex or the kids.  Nowadays, when we talk about them, it's because Bill has said something.  

Maybe his daughter has matured.  I do have a feeling that one day, they will see each other face to face.  One day, she may even read this blog and it will cause hard feelings.  I won't apologize for what I've written, though, because those were my thoughts at the time.  The truth is, I have been very angry with her for many years.  I am much less angry now, but I still don't trust her.  She was raised by an excellent manipulator and has become a person that Bill doesn't know anymore.  We've already been burned.  Maybe it's not fair to judge her based on the actions of others, but it's also not fair that Bill has been repeatedly exploited and abused by these people.

I may feel well enough to do my usual Thursday chore.  I hate vacuuming, but I didn't do it last week because we weren't home.  Now there's lots of dog hair that needs to be cleaned up.  I do have a slight burst of energy that I could waste on housework.  Guess I'll get to it.  

It's a bit rainy this morning.  I hope it stays that way all day.



  1. I'm glad it's rainy now. It feels the worst to have a cold when the weather is really sunny and hot. I hope you beat the virus soon.

    1. I'm feeling better. Not quite 100%, but getting there.


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