Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mormon girl, age 12, shares her testimony about being gay...

Edited to add:  Natually, the church leader who shut Savannah down is now complaining about his privacy.  And the guy who posted the video is getting threats of Mormon Hell for sharing this.

And, of course, she gets shut down.  I will give the leadership credit, though.  They let her say a lot before they excused her.

Way to go, Savannah.  You are very brave.

I have never been to a Mormon church service, so the constant din from babbling babies is a little strange for me.  At my church, parents put their very young kids in the nursery.  I used to help in the nursery, which I was glad to do if it got me out of a sermon.  In my church, we didn't have fast and testimony meetings.  People didn't get up and bare their souls.

I'm not sure what will happen to Savannah's testimony as the truth about Mormonism is revealed to her.  Perhaps she will stay in the church and try to change it.  Maybe she'll leave it.  I don't know.  I just wanted to publicly offer my support.  That is one very brave young lady and she deserves accolades for what she did.  She's bright and articulate and will go places, especially if she gives up the shackles of the LDS church.

I realize that recently I have some new readers.  I hope these words aren't too shocking for some of you.  For a long time, most of my readers were ex Mormons, who are only too happy to read what I have to say about the church.  My husband is an ex Mormon.  He's a wonderful guy, but was treated like shit by many church members when he and his abusive ex wife divorced.  Later, the church was used as a parental alienation tool.  The end result is that my husband is only now reconnecting with one of the two daughters he lost to divorce and the stupidity of Mormonism.  And sadly, we're not even certain that the daughter who contacted him is sincere.  

I don't like Mormonism.  But I must say it's awesome that Savannah had the opportunity to say what she said.  They should have let her finish, but I'm very impressed that they let her get as far as they did.  I am guessing it was sheer shock, but I'd like to think some progress has been made.  And it will have to be made if the church expects to survive.

Bravo, Savannah!  I hope you get all you dream of and more.  And, if you are as smart as you seem, you won't let a manmade creation like a church tell you whom you should love.  

Incidentally, this is not the first time a Mormon has been publicly silenced.  Behold... a guy who speaks out about Prop 8.

Again... the Mormons don't want to support gay marriage.  And they don't like to be criticized.


  1. During Proposition 8's run, some of its opponents were attempting to track its financial backing. They had lists, which they regularly updated, of all the contributors, as it was public record. They asked those of us who knew for certain to document which contributors were LDS. Out of (rare for me) familial loyalty I ignored the names of relatives or of relatives' relatives but told them of anyone else I knew for a fact was practicing Mormon. I found out later that some of the people who contributed were harassed with obscene phone calls. I hope it wasn't the people I contacted who did that, but it's too late to do anything now, and I have no solid reason for assuming the people I contacted had anything to do with the obscene calls.

    Steve Young's wife had an anti-Prop 8 sign on her front lawn during the period preceding the election. She made it clear that she put the sign up. He mad it clear that he supported her right to display the sign. I doubt that the church hassled him much because they want 10% of his earnings.

    1. I think it sucks the way they told a twelve year old to sit down while she was sharing a testimony. As if public speaking isn't hard enough...

    2. I agree. They can't usually agree on anything enough to take care of something in a timely manner, but she certainly brought out the efficiency in them. They're such fools. They probably think she will turn all the young girls into lesbians. What idiots.

    3. I hope she leaves the church.

    4. I hope she isn't forced to stay in until she turns 18.

    5. Evidently, her mom has left the church. Her dad is still a member.


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