Monday, June 26, 2017

Lady Stetson...

Back in the 80s, we had some fun commercials.  This morning, I was reminded of an 80s era women's cologne called Lady Stetson.  It was the feminine version of a man's cologne called Stetson.

This is a chick who does it all and has it all...  The music for the ad sounds like it was inspired by the song "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits.

For some reason, I had a bottle of this cologne when I was a teenager.  I remember it smelled alright, kind of like musk oil.  My mom probably got it as a gift for being an organist and gave it to me.  That's how I got a lot of stuff when I was growing up.

These days, I don't wear perfume very often.  When I do wear it, I stick with stuff I wouldn't be able to find at Walmart.  But I have to admit, the ads of the 80s take me back.  I remember when they were more creative and you'd see a thin, successful, sexy woman in her red sportscar.  She's just gotten home from work, lives in a beautiful home with her cute little daughter and dog.  I'm sure her husband is good at banging her, too.

Incidentally, the ads for Stetson were equally funny...

Sure, that man's cologne is what made the woman want him...

Oh lordy... I remember this one!  That's a pretty catchy jingle!

Most DJs have faces for radio.

I suppose I should be writing about something more substantive today, but I've already had to deal with getting a two euro coin out of the washing machine, walking the dogs in the heat, and washing a bunch of linens that will take forever to dry thanks to said two euro coin.  I need to tell Bill to check his pockets more thoroughly before he puts his pants in the dirty clothes hamper.

I was in a lot of pain last night after our very active weekend checking out caves.  We ended up watching a couple of movies last night, including Mr. Church, starring Eddie Murphy.  I think I was attracted to that film from seeing a preview on a DVD.  That's probably the first time I've ever ordered a DVD based on suggestive selling on a different DVD.  Anyway, if you haven't seen the movie, I recommend it.  It's very well done and even made Bill cry.  Of course, it also made me feel old.  If you watch the film, you'll understand why I felt old.

Maybe later, something will inspire me.  For now, I'm going to check on the laundry.

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