Sunday, June 11, 2017

I'm becoming a crotchety old hag in my old age...

I've mostly eased up on my anti-Donald Trump rants.  Life goes on and ranting about him does nothing to help the situation, other than temporarily allowing me to feel a little better.  I did read a good article about Mr. Trump yesterday that I decided to share.  The article was entitled "Donald Trump is a Profoundly Incompetent President".  My comment was, "So let's fire the fucker."

Things were moving right along until yet another one of my esteemed family members piped up with this gem of a comment.

Lol..."diplomatic immunity"! As he was elected in a landslide victory there must be a reason. We are learning the "fake news" attempts are costing people their broadcasting careers. What a tragedy.

Okay, now.  Donald Trump was elected in a landslide victory?  Really?  I was tempted to write more, but decided to just focus on that little "alternative fact".  If he really was elected in a landslide victory, many Americans are even dumber than they seem.  So many Trump supporters seem hellbent on clinging to the idea that Donald Trump cares about them and their problems.  The truth is, Donald Trump wouldn't piss down their throats if they were on fire.  He simply doesn't care about anyone but himself and those who can promote his agenda.

A couple of friends commented and my cousin came back with more shit.  

I'm not here for an argument nor push buttons. I am not a thin skinned man and I have been told "I lack compassion", nothing can be farther from the truth. I do NOT agree with the GOP nor the standing Republican Party. I am a libertarian, I believe individual liberties and accountability are the foundation of our constitutional republic...(by the way, it's the ONLY one in the world as such...and a world leader). President Trump won the election fair and square; the recent testimony of James Comey is proof....many will continue to be "a denier".

Actually, I see this morning that he edited his original comment, adding more to it.  The tone of his comment set me on edge.  It was getting close to bedtime.  But, I commented anyway.

Thanks for that. I vote for people over parties. I have never felt so much bitter contempt for a president as I do Donald Trump. He is a total embarrassment.

And my cousin, being a southern, red-blooded, white male who apparently lacks a global perspective wrote this...

I'm not sure why you're embarrassed and knowing wouldn't change the fact he will make "bone head" statements and decisions...they all have. It turns out he's the first to have access to multiple social media mediums and it AMPLIFIES his obnoxious personality. I am a compassionate man. If we play all the cards on the table, I don't believe ANY of the past presidents have been "honest" to the level I prefer. The difference of opinion of all people is what makes our country unique and needs to be respected...I also feel the US Constitution framework must remain to prevent losing our national identity. That may be why I should be "the villain".

I see my cousin completely lacks perspective as to why a woman like me might find Trump repugnant.  So I wrote this...

I am embarrassed because Donald Trump is completely incompetent and he brags about grabbing women by the pussy. People here can't believe we elected Donald Trump. I can't, either. He has absolutely no business in the White House. If you can't understand that, there's not much more to say. And frankly, it's late and I am going to bed, anyway. If you respect Trump, that's up to you. I don't, and never will and no amount of discussion will ever change that. Good night.

You see, even if Mr. Trump won the election "fair and square", he's not suited for the job.  He's not even doing the job.  All I've seen him do is piss off a bunch of world leaders and worry people.  And, sorry, but no one who brags about sexually assaulting women should be allowed to serve in the White House.  I don't care if it was "locker room banter".  It demeans the dignity of the office and, frankly, it's criminal behavior.  

To be fair, I was also not a fan of Bill Clinton's for the very same reason.  Bill Clinton clearly has issues keeping his dick in his pants and disrespected the entire nation when he received oral pleasures from Monica Lewinksy in the Oval Office.  However, Mr. Clinton was at least a competent president and managed to rise from very humble beginnings to where he is today.  He'd had experience in government and was smart enough to know how it works.  He got things done and he had a wife who cared about her position as first lady and was smart enough to get things done.  I certainly did not care for Clinton's sexual shenanigans, especially on government property.  Anyone else doing that would have been fired, and for very good reason.  However, I can look back on the Clinton era and say that, for the most part, he and Mrs. Clinton actually worked.  Trump, on the other hand, spends his time golfing and got where he is due to another man's work.

I know my cousin and his Trump supporting ilk are not going to change their minds.  That's fine, since I won't be changing my mind, either.  I have noticed, though, that the Trump supporters seem to be emboldened lately.  I never considered myself much of a feminist and, at least in the past, have never felt too offended by males boldly asserting their opinions.  But the older I get, the less patience I have for overbearing, opinionated, mansplaining people, especially when they are males.  I used to sit by quietly when they spouted their opinions, but now I answer back.  And when I do, I find that a lot of them can't handle it.  More than a few of them probably think of me as a bitch.  I guess that's fine.  

You know... it really disturbs me that so many of my right winging friends are so quick to forgive Trump for his blatantly disgusting misogyny, gross incompetence, and lack of vision.  So many of these people are my family members.  I distinctly remember how disgusted they were by Bill Clinton and his penchant for curvy, dark haired women with talents for giving blowjobs.  My male Trump supporting relatives have wives, daughters, sisters, and female friends.  Do they really think it's okay that our president was caught on tape talking about molesting women and acting as if he was totally entitled because he's a "star"?  

My disdain for Trump has nothing to do with the fact that he's a Republican.  It's because he's a disgusting thug who lacks humanity and makes my skin crawl.  And yes, it's a total embarrassment that he is the president of my country.  He can't get out of office soon enough for me.  I have never said this about any other president, but it's how I feel about Trump.  And I'm sick and tired of people trying to defend or normalize him.  He's a bastard, plain and simple, and he needs to go.


  1. But tell us what you really think....

    My issues (beyond the obvious that he's hell bent on taking this country in the wrong direction and undoing everything "the black guy" did without regard to the consequences) come from living in NYC most of my life. We saw what he did and I know people who suffered because of him and his unethical business practices. I know one small trucking operation who started doing better and latched on to an account with Trump - who then stiffed him. Kept them hanging on with promises that it was coming, he was Donald Trump after all, just a problem in accounting, etc. Most NY'ers treated them like a joke - they acted like they were the king and queen of NY when he was married to Ivana. Totally devoid of character and should not be in office.

    I suspect all of these people would think differently if they were the ones who he stiffed for payment and caused them to lose their business, house, etc.

    1. It's a damn shame. He's got every character flaw our president shouldn't have.

  2. Landslide victory? I thought he lost the popular vote.

    In some ways it's a relief to know that someone else has bone-headed cousins.

    1. Yeah, he's still trying to mansplain. It's annoying. He can't seem to give it up.

  3. My dad is worried that when Trump is impeached or quits, Pence will actually do more damage with his uber-conservative agenda because the republican legislature will work with him. Because Trump isn't a real republican, neither the democrats nor the republicans actually like him. (How the hell did he ever get elected?) I don't care. Actually, I do care, but I still want Trump gone. Let us pray for the continued health of the Supreme Court justices so that the conservatives don't have a chance to put in enough wack jobs to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    1. Yeah, Pence and Ryan are also very scary. I'd like to see all of them gone in short order.


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