Saturday, June 3, 2017

Germany it is!

Well, Bill was asked to call the new company last night.  He did and they offered him a job that, frankly, Italy will not be able to compete with moneywise.  But really, it's not just the money that convinces us to stay in Germany.  It's the fact that we won't have to move and we don't have to worry about what to do if everything isn't in place by the time Bill's current job ends.

I do hope we'll still get our chance to move to Italy someday, though. Right now, the timing just isn't right.  If Bill took the job in Italy, it would mean having to arrange a move very suddenly and/or paying for it ourselves.  The job in Italy would have been interesting and a change in scenery, but it also would have been a huge logistical pain in the ass.

And again, the money offered in Germany is very good.  We'll be able to get rid of debt and save up for a house for when we do move back to the States.  Now I know why people talk about how much money contractors make.  It definitely depends on the company, though, because Bill's current company was definitely not as generous.  We will, no doubt, need to use some of that extra cash to invest in new work clothes for Bill.  The new company has a more uptight dress code.

I only hope nothing happens that gets us kicked out of Europe... like Donald Trump saying more stupid and offensive things.  Germans are pretty smart, though, and they tend to know more about our politics than Americans do.  And they know this is a temporary situation.  Or... they probably hope it is, much like I do.

Anyway, I'm just glad to have that settled.  Now I can relax and stop fretting about where we're going to live.

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