Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cursed disease...

Yeah... I definitely have a dreaded summer cold.  I was really hurting last night.  Had to break out an ice pack for my head because of all the sinus pressure.  I don't usually have sinus problems, so that was kind of a different experience.  Before bed last night, I loaded myself up with drugs.  I took Zyrtec, Advil PM, and Delsym, and sprayed my nose with Afrin for good measure.  Bill made me homemade chicken soup and hot tea and no booze.  I tried to go to bed early and managed to fall asleep at just past ten o'clock, despite the two hour nap I took earlier in the day.

Folks... I am definitely sick.  But I am actually feeling a slight second wind this morning.  There's a little bit of energy percolating under the surface.  Maybe I'll make it through this blog post before I need to crash for a nap.

I have been reading The Handmaid's Tale.  I feel ashamed that I only just learned about this book, which was originally published in 1985.  I actually discovered it from a very compelling essay I read on  I don't read a lot on Medium, even though they send me emails every day.  I'm not even sure how I ended up with an account.  But I do know that the essay I read about The Handmaid's Tale was fascinating enough to compel me to download it.

How the hell could I have been an English major and missed this book?  I was thirteen when it was published.  I know they wouldn't have included it in a high school curriculum-- certainly not in my southern, conservative, Virginia county.  I am surprised I didn't hear about it in college, though...  and I'm kind of surprised I didn't hear about it after college.  Now it's a TV show on Hulu, I believe.  I can't get Hulu because they got all shitty about VPNs.

I'll admit that I don't read a lot of novels anymore.  I think having to read as much as I did as an undergraduate kind of killed my desire.  I prefer non-fiction books to fiction.  I will admit, though, that The Handmaid's Tale now has me hooked.  It's very relevant, especially given the way religious zealots are now running amok.

Last night, I read one part about how the protagonist gets fucked.  That's how she puts it-- "fucked".  An old commander is doing the duty as she is fully clothed about the waist.  A more senior woman is behind her, holding her hands.  And they are doing this deed entirely so that the protagonist will get pregnant.  There is no love involved.  It's just a mechanical action intended to bring another soul into the world.  Kind of reminds me of the Duggars.  It's hard to believe their huge family didn't yet exist when this book was published.

Anyway... I'll probably be finished with the book soon.  I will probably write a review of it.  I think it's important reading and I'm sorry I didn't discover it until just now.  I probably should read more novels now that I've been out of college for 23 years.

Hopefully, this cold will go away quickly, too.  I hate being sick, especially in June.

Another funny thing that happened yesterday is that our German neighbors invited us to a BBQ next month.  They left us an invite in German with a post it note in English saying they would love it if we joined them.  It's a good thing we're not moving to Italy, since the BBQ is scheduled for the day before Bill starts his new job with his new company.  We've been here three years and this was the first invite, which is totally normal for Germany.  Last time we lived here, my German neighbor said she'd lived in our old town for twelve years and she knew no one.  It takes awhile for people to warm up in these parts.



  1. I haven't been able to read the book. The story line bothers me a bit too much. I'm sure it's highly compelling, but it would cause me to have nightmares.

    1. I've read things that are more disturbing... It's a little creepy that it was published in 1985, though. I'm sure there were fundies then, but we didn't hear about them as much.


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