Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Going all Taylor Swift...

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post wondering why any guy in his right mind dates Taylor Swift.  Although she is rich, talented, and beautiful, she has a penchant for turning her breakups into hit songs.  She has made a mint off of kissing and telling.  Her skill at crafting songs out of personal angst has netted her many fans around the world.

I realize I have a tendency to "go Taylor Swift" sometimes.  Although I usually try to draw inspiration from my own life and/or current events, I also tend to process stuff that bothers me through writing.  And that means, when someone is shitty to me, I tend to dedicate blog space to them.  I suppose I am a bit of a hypocrite to criticize Taylor Swift for writing songs about her relationships gone awry.

On the other hand, I only wonder why anyone dates her knowing they might be immortalized in one of her songs.  I can see why they'd be attracted to her.  Maybe, for some of them, having Taylor write about them is a compliment.  Obviously, the formula works well for Taylor Swift, too.

Over the past few days, I've gone a bit "Taylor Swift" on this blog.  I have written about people who have offended or annoyed me.  Some people find those posts entertaining.  I find them fun to write and very therapeutic.  At the same time, I'm sure I wouldn't want to read someone's thoughts about me.  That's why I have a hard and fast rule not to go looking for comments about this blog in other places on the Web.  I know they're out there, though, because sometimes I run across them anyway.

I pay close attention to the people who visit this blog and sometimes I see outside links that indicate that someone has shared it elsewhere.  Sometimes it's interesting to note what gets shared.  I have a post that I wrote in 2010 for angry adult children of divorce that seemed to resonate with a lot of people and gets shared and/or emailed a lot.  I sense that people feel positive about that one.

There's another post I wrote that I think gets referenced in a forum about celebrities who spank their kids.  Pat Boone gets searched a lot on this blog, mainly because it's been established that he was/probably still is a big fan of corporal punishment.  People seem to be fascinated about that topic, so my posts on spanking draw traffic.

I get a lot of hits from religious people.  Mormons, fundamentalists, fans of the Trinity Broadcasting Network and Roger McDuff regularly show up here... I also get hits from people who are fans of certain celebrities.  Since most of my religious posts are rather negative, some of the comments I get from religious people are negative.  

The posts that I think are the most interesting don't get many hits.  But I think they are interesting because they are about people I actually know and/or my past.  Of course, since I am a "nobody" to most people and many of the people I write about are also "nobodies", some readers don't really care too much about most of the people I go all Taylor Swift over.  None of us are actual celebrities... (with a few exceptions).  If I were Taylor Swift and the people I wrote about were folks like Joe Jonas or Taylor Lautner or any of the other celebrities she's dated, there would be a lot more interest.

Yesterday, I went all Taylor Swift on a stranger who left me rude comments on a couple of my posts.  I must admit, channeling my irritation into a song was both fun and medicinal.  I am a frustrated musician with way too much time on my hands.  It pisses me off when people leave unfair comments, especially when they are delivered in a sarcastic or mean spirited manner.  It may take me awhile, but you can bet I turn that shit into fodder for my blog because I almost always have a retort.  Besides that, everybody writes about celebrities!  Real people are more interesting... at least to me.

Someone out there in blog land has probably written something shitty about me, too.  Let's face it.  While I have many people in my life who like or even love me for who I am, plenty of other people think I'm an asshole for whatever reason.  For instance, I know for a fact that quite a few people in the local Facebook community have blocked me.  My guess is that most people do it because they think my blog is annoying and don't want to see links to it.  They think I'm overexposed, obnoxious, or too opinionated.  Plenty of people don't like me for what I've written in this blog, even though they've never met me.  If they met me, they still might not like me.  On the other hand, they might find me more appealing offline.

Many military folks tend to be especially sensitive about educated people, especially if they happen to be female.  The military is a male dominated profession and I've noticed that some people, especially men, are intimidated by articulate women who have credentials.  I have heard from several people that they think they name of my blog is "inappropriate" and think I'm just bragging about all that time I spent in school.  I would happily tell them that if I had known I'd be spending so much time sitting at home in my nightgown, I never would have gone to graduate school.  I don't think it was a total waste of time and money, but my poor husband is now paying back my loans.  Fortunately, we're still very much in love and it was worth it for me to be his wife.  And, evidently, I am worth it for him to be paying back my loans.  But I know not everyone feels that way.

When my dad was still alive, I used to get regular shit from him about how I needed to earn my keep somehow.  He finally stopped when I told him it was no longer any of his business how I spend my time.  And then he got dementia.  I'll be honest.  I often worry and wonder what will happen to me when I lose my Overeducated Housewife gig.  Will I be a bag lady?  When I die, will anyone care?  Perhaps this blog will still be around for the curious.  Or maybe it'll turn to cyber dust.  I worry about it every day, though.  Someday, it's highly likely that either Bill or I will be on our own.  Bill will survive, but I worry that I won't (even though I always have).

Some people think I should go get a job, even if it means divorcing Bill or living apart from him.  And some people think I should not mention the fact that I went to school because it seems like I'm being immodest.  But "overeducated" is what I am, at least for my current lot in life.  At least, that's what I think.  This blog is mostly about what I think.  I don't expect a lot of people to read it, understand it, or even like it... but you can bet that if you inspire me somehow, I'll go all Taylor Swift on you.  Bwahahahahaa!

I appreciate the sentiment.

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