Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Frank Deford has died, Joy Anna Duggar has married, and Pat Robertson is still a crazy bastard...

Last night, I learned that the great sports writer Frank Deford passed away.  He was 78 years old.  I first heard of Mr. Deford in 1985, when I was about 13 years old.  He had published his book, Alex: The Life of a Child and it was excerpted in Reader's Digest.  In those days, I used to read Reader's Digest quite religiously.  Alex was the nickname for Mr. Deford's beautiful daughter, Alexandra, who was afflicted with cystic fibrosis.

Alex was less than a year older than me.  She was born at a time when many kids born with cystic fibrosis didn't survive babyhood.  Alex lived eight years and was a very special girl.  Her father immortalized her with his beautifully written book, penned in her honor.  Later, the book was turned into a television movie starring Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia.  It was almost as moving as the book was.

Frank Deford also wrote for Sports Illustrated and, for 37 years, was a mainstay on Morning Edition on NPR.  I did not know him as a sports writer, though.  I knew him as a devoted father to a girl who died much too young.  I almost feel like I should have been into sports just so I could be more familiar with his work.  I can only hope Mr. Deford's lovely daughter, Alex, was waiting at the pearly gates when he arrived.

In other news, yet another Duggar daughter has tied the knot.  19 year old Joy Anna Duggar is now Joy Anna Forsyth.  On the occasion of their nuptials, they produced this video.  My guess is the burden Austin speaks of lifting is a constant case of blue balls.  They always talk about being married to "their best friend".  But all they do is talk about Bible verses.

Joy Anna is the youngest Duggar daughter old enough to be married.  However, lest you fear that there will be no more Duggar weddings, you can take heart in knowing that Joseph Duggar popped the question at his sister's wedding reception.  He is engaged to be married to Kendra Caldwell, who appears to be heavily drinking the fundie Kool-Aid.  I always laugh when I hear these young folks talk of how excited they are to be doing church work.  Joe isn't a particularly interesting speaker, but Kendra is a pretty lady.  Hopefully, he won't sing to her at their wedding, like Josh did to Anna.

And finally, I found this two year old post about Pat Robertson's opinion that kids who aren't religious should be taken out to the woodshed and "disciplined".  A woman wrote in to the 700 Club about her disrespectful son-in-law and grandson and how they don't respect their religious beliefs.  They write that they decline visiting their daughter at Christmas because their grandson cusses and smokes weed.  They've told their daughter to get their son to respect their beliefs, but she is somehow unable to get him to do that.

It seems to me that the grandparents are guests in their daughter's home.  They bring up religion and it causes an argument.  Perhaps a better solution is to stop talking about religion in their adult child's home.  Then maybe there won't be any fighting.  But then, you know, they might have to talk about other things and get to know each other.  That might be too hard to do.

Of course, I have pretty much sworn off gatherings with my own family because there's always fighting.  Maybe it would be different now, since my dad is no longer living.  At least our fights are not about religious beliefs, though, and everybody drinks and cusses with wild abandon.

I was going to write about a more personal topic today, but I decided it was too risky.  I'm not really in the mood to invite bad karma.  But I may change my mind later...  We'll see.  


  1. My dad has saved the majority of articles Frank Deford wrote for sports illustrated. he was a brilliant writer. i read the book about Alex, too, and saw a videotape of the movie. it's a cruel illness, but many of those afflicted with it are living much longer due in part to fundraising for research headed in part by Deford, Celine Dion, and Boomer Esiason.

    Pat Robertson and my paternal grandfather are kindred spirits. My grandfather slapped me hard once when I was [i think] three because he held up a picture of brigham Young and asked who it was and I said it looked like Santa Claus when he was angry and without his red suit. He had slapped me once before as well, which my parents didn't find out about, but they found out about this one and it was the last time, though he kicked me when I was in my teens.

    I didn't know about Joyanna. I need to keep up with my Duggar news.

    1. Yeah, I quit watching their show because it got really boring.


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