Monday, April 24, 2017

SMIL is a liar. Color me surprised!

Last night, after Bill and I spent a couple of hours hanging out with monkeys, we came home and had dinner.  Then Bill called both of his parents.  He told his mother about the drama with stepmother in law and her nasty messages about Bill's dad being angry and not wanting Bill to know when he dies.  She agreed that what SMIL claimed FIL said didn't sound like him.  Like me, she was pretty pissed off hearing about it.

Then Bill called his dad.  I was sitting in the other room watching TV and they were having a delightful chat.  I decided to make sure Bill asked his dad about his stepmother's comments.  I wouldn't ordinarily do something like that, but he had just told me how concerned he was about his dad.  He even asked me if he could have his dad checked by social services to make sure he wasn't being abused.  So I wanted to make very sure that Bill confirmed with his father that SMIL's claims about his not wanting Bill to know when he dies were actually true.  I demanded that he ask him about it.

Sure enough, when Bill asked his dad if he really didn't want Bill to know when he dies, FIL reacted with shock and surprise.  He reminded Bill that if something were to happen to him, Bill's sister would let him know.  Bill's sister is adopted and nineteen years younger than Bill is, but she's a very good person.  She's also a lesbian who has twice been married to women.  Her first wife died of cancer a few years ago.  SMIL used to tell us that she knew her daughter would go to Hell because of her sexual preferences.

I used to try to dismiss SMIL's bullshit as someone who is insecure, immature, and needing understanding.  At first, I really did try to be patient with her, although as the years have passed, my patience has been waning.  But now that I know how much she lies and how far she'll stoop, she is permanently on my shit list.  She can't be trusted and obviously is a big, fat, liar.  Never again will I feel guilty for my negative feelings about her.

Other than the confrontation about the lies SMIL told us, Bill and his dad had a good talk.  Bill asked him to set up Skype so they could talk to each other more easily.  He's going to ask his sister to go over to help their dad with setting it up.  Hopefully, SMIL won't sabotage their efforts.

I am really pissed off about the whole drama.  While our problems are pretty small in the grand scheme of things, no one needs this kind of needless bullshit in their lives.  Besides being completely unnecessary, what SMIL did was just plain mean spirited.  She's just given me yet another reason to dislike her.


  1. Kind of seems fitting that you were with monkeys before returning to the circus where your SMIL is the ringmaster. It's probably a wise idea to have adult soc. svcs check on dad just to be on the safe side. Is his sister nearby where she can also check on him regularly?

    1. Yeah, she is nearby. And if we call social services, there will be high drama. But if this crap continues, it may be an option.


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