Sunday, March 5, 2017

People who troll Mormon missionaries in chat rooms...

There's a person posting on RfM who regularly visits the Web site and messes with the Mormon missionaries.  He will pretend to be an investigator and ask provocative questions designed to shake up the hapless mishies.  I have to admit, I kind of think what he does is funny, although if I were a missionary, I'd probably find it disrespectful.

This morning, I read about how the person posed as a gay Polish man who had started taking discussions with missionaries.  He told the female chat missionaries that he was in love with one of the male missionaries who was teaching him.  He wanted to know if it was okay that he'd fallen in love with the missionary.  He also told them they had kissed a couple of times and wanted to know if that was "wrong".

Naturally, the missionaries chatting with him got flustered and told him to talk to a local leader.  Can you imagine how they were reacting offline, though?  It was probably pretty shocking.

This same poster engaged in another online chat with a missionary and asked her why the Mormon church continually depicts God as sexually aroused.  The chat session abruptly ended at that point.

The funny thing is, this person who trolls the missionaries actually knows a lot about the church.  So he knows what kinds of questions to ask that will freak them out.  I'm sure he does it simply for entertainment's sake, but I have to wonder if some of those very provocative questions don't get the missionaries to thinking.

I don't seem to care as much about Mormonism as I did in the past.  I guess I'm getting over it, as it were.  But I do like to read about some of the hijinks going on by exMormon missionaries.

Speaking of fringe religions, I got a visit from the JWs the other day.  It was at a very inopportune time.  I wasn't dressed, and definitely wasn't in the frame of mind to be talking to the JWs, not that I ever am.  They are a lot more pesky than the Mormons are, at least in this area.  I wish I'd had the presence of mind to tell them I'm disfellowshipped.  Maybe then, they'd take us off their list.

Speaking of missionaries...  watch this until the end.  


  1. Only an LDS mother would think she needed to invent a name like Jacoy for her daughter. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of names already in existence, but it's important to be unique when naming your child.

    Once on break I spent an entire afternoon and evening just watching the mission calls on Youtube. I found some people I knew or am related to. after awhile, you get to the point where you can accurately predict what everyone is going to say in the video.

    1. Until I started following the Mormons, I had no idea they had so many girls with weird names.


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