Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not everything needs to be debated...

Yesterday, I shared a funny comic I saw on Facebook.  For those who don't want to click the link, it's a depiction of Donald Trump watching Sesame Street.  In the picture, Big Bird is standing there and the caption reads, "Hey Donald, today's letters are..." Big Bird is holding a sign that has the letters F and U.

I shared that comic without comment because I thought it was funny.  Many of my friends did, too.  But then, as the sun began to set here in Germany, I got a comment from one of Bill's military friends.  This guy openly admits that he didn't vote.  In fact, he said he never votes because he's in the military and feels he should be apolitical.  Fair enough.  

Anyway, this friend of Bill's apparently supports defunding PBS.  He posted this comment.

So when you grew up and your parents stopped paying for everything did you tell them "F U" also?
It's a funny meme but has no basis in reality

My response to his comment was a flat "Whatever."

He persisted with this comment.

Yea......"Whatever" I want the millions of dollars that were spent on it in the past few years back.....

I wrote, "If I could, I would tell the entire Trump administration to fuck off for many, many reasons. But I posted this merely because I think it's funny, not because I'm interested in debating."

That comment was apparently not enough to send the hint that I didn't feel like a debate.  So he wrote this.

I's hard to be objective when petty and hate are all you want to focus's pretty common these days.....

To my surprise, a number of friends had my back.  Even Bill chimed in, which he rarely does because he doesn't like to appear to be fighting my battles for me.  He thinks I'm better at it, anyway.  But Bill's buddy eventually came back after a few folks explained how he could make it so he doesn't see my posts.  He wrote this.

I got the satire Bill, even stated it:
"It's a funny meme but has no basis in reality"
But the reality is that its getting old and it's particularly starting to bother me about this double standard.

Even Amy stated that its the same sentiment.....
A program that was provided funding for years no longer needed it as it is now commercially successful was shut off as part of an effort to control Trillions of $$$$ of debt spending.
But Trump is a jackass for making a smart decision and taking steps to control it?  
Yea, I want the money back that Obama and Bush spent on funding PBS while it pulled a fucking profit. Go on and take a portion of your retirement pay, put it in a fucking hole in the ground and burn it.
I chuckled at the meme but let's be clear, this is part of the problem; the President has made himself an easy target but in reality he is making some very real decisions that make sense but this is the exact kind of thing that works counter to it and is the reason our Government continues to waste Billions of dollars on shit that does not need it.

I'm perfectly aware of how to unfollow or unfriend Jenny but it's not necessary, Facebook goes both ways and you can post anything you like but people get to comment on it.
Thats how a discussion works!
But "whatever"

I left one more comment.  It was this.

You commented, and I told you I wasn't wanting a debate. I can do that on my page if I want to.

A lot of people seem to think that if you post something on Facebook, it invites commentary.  I don't necessarily disagree with that.  If I post something and you leave a comment, generally speaking, I won't delete what you've written, even if it's offensive.  But your decision to leave a comment doesn't compel me to have a discussion or debate with you.  And, if I say I don't want to debate, I mean it.

There are some people on Facebook with whom I will have discussion, even though I almost never agree with them.  Those people are folks who regularly interact with me on things other than politics.  They are mostly people who have proven that they have some respect for me as a person and aren't just wanting to engage in intellectual masturbation on social media.  I don't actually know Bill's friend that well.  I've met him a few times and Bill likes him a lot.  I think he's funny, but he never interacts with me as a general rule.  So I was a bit taken aback when he tried to rope me into a debate when I made it clear that I wasn't interested.

When it comes to Donald Trump, debates with me are utterly pointless.  I think he's a vile, despicable man.  He lost me forever when he bragged about sexually assaulting women.  I do not think he should be president.  I do not have any respect for him.  No matter what, it's HIGHLY unlikely that I can look at him as anything better than a lowlife scumbag.  So debating with me about his value as president is a complete waste of time.  

Some people felt the same way about Bill Clinton and George Bush.  I never had feelings of hatred this strong about either of them, despite what went on in the White House when they were in charge.  To me, Trump is a different beast.  It does no good to appeal to my sense of fairness when it comes to him.  I just plain despise him.  I realize that he's the president and we're stuck with him for now, but I don't have to like it.

Something else some of my friends may not realize is that I am not in the same time zone as most of them are.  So while their day is gearing up and they're online, feeling full of fire, I am sitting on the couch with Bill watching TV.  I am not at my computer, although I do have my iPad (mainly because I like to play games while I watch TV).  I don't want to get into a debate with someone at 8:00pm because I'll be going to bed soon.  If I'm on my iPad, typing responses isn't that easy.    

I grew up on PBS.  I realize Sesame Street is no longer on PBS, but Sesame Street will always be associated with public TV.  I do think it's worthwhile to support things like education, healthcare, arts, culture, and yes...  good TV for children.  I think I have the right to state that without entering into an argument.

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