Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No, I'm not hiring...

A few days ago, someone left me a comment on my travel blog asking about guest bloggers.  The comment was rather vague and I was suspicious, but I was also intrigued.  They asked for an email address, so I left them the one I use when I don't want people to immediately know my name.

Last night, I got an email from someone who wanted to know if I was interested in commissioning a guest blog post from someone who could write 500-700 words about traveling with a companion animal.  I was actually a little taken aback by the sales pitch.  Basically, they were wanting me to purchase an article written by someone.  The person who pitched it thought it would be relevant to "my readers".  Obviously, he or she did not take the time to read the blog very carefully.

I'll be honest.  I might be interested in such a post if I were a very busy person who made money from my three blogs.  But I am an overeducated housewife.  I have tons of time on my hands to write all I want.  And my travel blog, such as it is, is mine.  Maybe it's not something everyone cares to read, but it has authenticity because every single post was written by yours truly.  That makes it uniquely mine.

I doubt I would ever want to share blogging duties with anyone because my blogs aren't a business.  If I ever get to the point at which I don't have the time or inclination to write, I'll simply stop writing. I won't be farming out blogging assignments to other writers.  Aside from that, it takes me several months to even reach the $100 level at which Google will pay me for ads.  I'm sure not spending that money on someone else's writing.  Why would I spend money made from my writing to pay for someone else's writing?  Especially when I have neither a job nor children.

Travel with companion animals is an intriguing and controversial subject.  I know a lot of people who love their pets like they were human children would want to read such a post.  I know a lot of other people, particularly those who hate pets or have severe allergies, would want to weigh in as well.  But a post about that doesn't belong on my blog unless I do it myself.

At the same time, I have some compassion for all of the writers in the world who are trying to make money from their craft.  Nowadays, anyone and their brother can write and be published online.  It's a double-edged sword.  Some people who are talented writers that would have never had an audience are now being read.  But it also means that it's harder to make a legitimate living through writing because there's a lot more competition.  And a lot of people are decent writers whose content is freely available.

I, for one, never thought anyone would read what I write everyday.  I do have regulars, though... and sometimes people leave me comments.  That's a good thing.  I could not support myself doing this, though.  At best, it's a hobby.

So no... I am not hiring.  I won't be sharing my platform with anyone.  I will continue to offend, annoy, entertain, and waste other people's time with the random thoughts in my head that I feel compelled to share with the masses.  Read at your own risk.


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