Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Musical morning...

I don't have much on my mind to write about this morning, so I've spent the past few hours making music.  Sure, it's just online and on a karaoke site to boot, but it's fun and it keeps me from obsessing over my dogs and other shit I stress over.

I took the boys back to the vet yesterday because I needed to get some medication for Arran's worms.  I also got some spray for a couple of ulcerated bumps on Zane's paws that will probably have to be removed at some point.  I kind of dread that process because he's got them on both front paws and surgery will knock him out of commission.

Sometimes I think Zane knows how worried I am about him.  Today, he after an energetic walk, I washed his paws (partly because I have medicated shampoo for them and partly because they were muddy).  He actually jumped into the tub by himself twice.  After we did that, he came up to me and jumped into my lap for awhile.  It's like he wants to reassure me that he's not at death's door... and I know he's not.  I shouldn't worry so much.  It's just that I've experienced cancer in dogs before and I know how much it sucks.  Right now, it doesn't suck too much, but I can't help but anticipate the future.

Bill cooked rabbit for the dogs last night to add to their regular food.  Zane went nuts over it.  So at least he has a great appetite and still has plenty of energy.  But I'm still gonna worry.

Anyway... back to making music.  Just one more song before I go do something else.

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