Friday, March 10, 2017

Mother of the world...

Last night, I got curious about someone I knew in Armenia.  She was a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer and, truth be told, I hadn't thought about her in a very long time.  She popped into my head last night and I started Googling to see what she was up to.  It actually wasn't that easy to find her, but then I remembered her husband had an unusual first name.  I entered her name and his first name into a search engine and discovered them.

This lady and I weren't all that friendly when we knew each other.  She was (and evidently still is) very religious.  She had been a resident advisor at her college and acted like one, at least toward me, although she was two years younger than me.  I got the sense that she really didn't like me very much, so I kind of returned the sentiment.

Anyway... I discovered this chick now has nine kids and lives in a midwestern state.  Her husband converted to Catholicism the year she and I went to Armenia.  He has since gotten educated and works for the church.  It appears their lifestyle is centered around religion.

I found a picture of my former acquaintance.  It was taken in 2013.  In the picture, she's pregnant with her ninth child and fixing dinner.  Her back is to the camera.  Her kids are cute and at least one of them looks a lot like her in the face.  I also discovered that her husband is, like me, a lover of Belgian beers.

I'm actually not that surprised that this person I knew has so many kids.  I remember one day, saying hello to her after she'd gotten off a bus.  She looked uncomfortable, so I asked what was wrong.  She said it was her "special time of the month".  I said I was sorry because that sucks.  And she said, "It's a small price to pay for being able to bring children into the world."  I must admit that I rolled my eyes at that comment.  We didn't mesh.

So... I guess that's what she does now.  She has lots of kids and lives a life centered around Catholicism.  Well, there are worse ways to live.

I wish her well.


  1. The one and only good thing about Catholicism, according to my father, is that a person can drink and still be considered a member in good standing. I know there are some liberal Protestant churches that are the same in that regard.

    1. Actually, most Protestant churches allow moderate drinking. Or, at least the mainstream ones do.

    2. The mainline Protestant churches certainly allow moderate drinking, but they're rapidly dwindling. On the west coast, a lot of Presbyterian churches are going fundy on us. Ditto with Methodist churches. My cousin was "saved" at a Methodist church Vacation Bible School.

    3. There are several branches of Presbyterianism. I was raised PCUSA, which is pretty liberal sort of like the Methodists. But there's also PCA, which are much like southern Baptists. I have cousins who are PCA, while the rest of our family is mostly PCUSA. Then there's the Reformed Presbyterian church, which seems to be a mixture of PCUSA and PCA. I dunno. Haven't been to a church service in a very long time.

    4. The Presbyterians here were mostly originally PCUSA and were originally considered to be quite liberal, particularly in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys where the population is generally conservative, until they totally got their panties knotted up over the gay/lesbian issues of both marriage and ordination. The LGBTQ issues caused them to give up any former associations with liberalism. They may as well be Baptist now.

    5. Hmm... makes one think of becoming Episcopalian...

    6. Episcopalians out here have the very same issue with LGBTQ. Many congregations have split and sued each other for the church assets. The liberals retained the term "Episcopalian" since the conservatives are the ones who technically left the denomination. The conservatives out here are now known as "Anglicans."

    7. P.S. The conservative wing outnumber the liberal one.


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