Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Marriage is EVERYTHING...

The 1960s must have been an interesting time.  I wasn't around in the 60s, but I was born early in the 70s and have sisters and a husband who were born in the 60s.  It's a decade that has always intrigued me.  The other day, while trolling around on YouTube, I found a few weird videos made by the LDS church.  

Here's a video about a young woman who works on a dude ranch.  She is determined to find "the one".

I like how the woman in the above video, in true 1968 fashion, discards a man from consideration when she sees him do a belly flop.  She's concerned about being an "old maid", but looking forward to finding a husband.  No doubt, the one she wants is one who will give her status and prestige.  

The other lady in the film is a lot more down to earth.  That makes her more attractive to the men in her midst.  

Here's another film about finding the right one...

Notice how corny the music is.  These videos from BYU always have treacly music in them.  Also notice the way they speak.  It's very clean and proper language.  "She'd have me as big around as I am tall."  They roast marshmallows and make marriage look so wonderful and natural.    

I probably shouldn't write too much about this, though.  I do have a good marriage and I'm happier married than I was single.  These videos are kind of entertaining in a weird way.  They don't seem to be as much about church as some of the more recent videos I've found.  Like, for instance, this one from 1993.

This video makes the church lifestyle look so idyllic.  But apparently, your body isn't yours.

Once again, I'm reminded of how old I am as I check out how that girl's hair is styled.  She talks to her dad about how her friend is acting like a ho.  Her dad tells her to read the Bible and other church stuff.  She comes to the decision that her friend shouldn't be sullying her body with boy juice.

In some ways, the 60s videos makes things seem simpler than they probably are.  In other ways, the videos from the 60s seem more real than the one from 1993, with its very religious overtones.  Actually, watching the 90s video makes me really glad I didn't grow up LDS.  I was 21 in 1993 and I can only imagine how screwy my life might have been if I had been so concerned about my friends' love lives that I consulted the Bible.


  1. Both videos are sickening for different reasons. i feel sorry for the dad in the second video. He's so "spritritual' 9a favorite LDS description) but doesn't realize that his spirituality is wasted because he's never have a job in the church that is more prestigious than that of scoutmaster or ward clerk because he runs a very blue-collar operation. Unless his horses are each bringing in millions, he's not truly righteous under the church's prosperity gospel.

    i'm told that 1.5 generations ago someone like him could have been a stake president, but not anymore except possibly in a small Wyoming ward if the town banker, lawyer, and doctor all move.

    1. Yeah. And they tried to make him look so wise.


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