Sunday, March 5, 2017

Keep your legs together at all costs!

I wasn't going to blog again this morning, but I just ran across this Mormon etiquette video... I had to share it with all my readers, especially Alexis!

Notice how fixated the narrator is on the sister mishies keeping their legs together.  I'm surprised she didn't recommend putting an aspirin between the knees.

I see this video was made in 1994, which was the year I graduated college.  The fashions from that time period were pretty hideous.  But all of these women look white and delightsome and no doubt were successful in winning hearts and minds to the LDS church.  Kellyanne Conway should take a memo.

This video is pretty funny, but it's also a bit fucked up.  They are way too fixated on keeping the ladies docile and well-behaved, not showing off their goodies.  I probably wouldn't have lasted long if I had been a sister missionary.

And another one about hygiene and grooming...  This one also addresses the guys.

After I watched the videos, I found another one... This one is actually very sad.  Here's this well-spoken beautiful young woman talking about having to be sent home early from her mission.

I know this was a big deal for her...

I actually feel kind of angry for her, though.  Because I can see that she's very traumatized by this experience.  It's hard enough becoming an adult without having to deal with this kind of shame.  She spent four months on a mission and she broke.  She worries about facing her friends and family instead of her own mental health, which obviously took a beating during those four months.

I know she believes in the church and that's why this is so traumatic for her.  She wanted to be one of the ones who succeeded.  But really, there's so much out there in the world.  It grieves me that she's so distraught over not finishing those months as a missionary.  

Here she talks about being home after being released.  It sounds like she really blames herself for "failing".

I see these are fairly recent videos.  I hope she's feeling better now.  

Although Peace Corps service isn't a Mormon mission, I actually felt a little sad after I left the Peace Corps.  When I got home to Virginia, I missed the Peace Corps life and my friends.  And I managed to finish those 27 months... they had nothing to do with "serving God".  I just felt out of sorts and at loose ends.  I imagine that must be how this lady feels.  There's this big build up to going somewhere new and facing a challenge.  If you aren't successful, it can be devastating.


  1. /i'd love to know a bit more bout the young woman in the video, but I understand why we can't. She needs her privacy and has shared probably too much already. While a mission could be daunting under the best of circumstances, I really get the vibe that this young woman was probably too fragile too have been sent off for 18 months to do the things that have to be done on a mission.
    I'll never know because I didn't and still don't know her, but I doubt everything sprang from the mission experience. In the girls' case, it's not that they're facing amazing pressure to go, but once she decided, she clearly felt she was losing face by coming home early. (I do think it was a no-brainer to have sent her home.) The LDS leadership likes to think or to pretend that they're so inspired, but it doesn't seem that this girl's life is better now because she went on a mission.

    With males, there can be a real stigma to either not going on a mission or to being sent home early, particularly if the person is not relieved with honors. For the most part, they cannot get what the LDS culture considers "respectable' girls even to date them, much less to marry them. For the most part, this young woman would have faced only the stigma that occurred in her mind and some degree of stigma because it was a mental health-related release. Mormons don't like mental health problems. But the simple act of not completing a mission wouldn't be a problem for a future spouse or his parents.

    i shouldn't say anything too specific in a public forum, but one of my aunts by marriage had a sister who went on her mission in a fragile state. My mom is sure she was sent because it was the best thing for someone else, not for her. She made it through the MTC back when it was a longer period and much more rigorous training and did quite well in her mission. she embraced the missionary culture a bit too much, and when she came home after the full eighteen months she had major trouble adjust. It's probably been almost ten years and it's like she still hasn't adjusted. She acts as though everyone round her is evil for not following mission rules even though obviously neither she nor anyone around her is still on a mission. I personally think it's because she was too fragile to have gone in the first place. She's the type of mentally unstable person who is an extremist. If she were living the wild life, she would be totally wild. Since she's living the pious life, she's going to be overly pious.

    the video about sitting properly and all of that nonsense was offensive to me. I'd me less offended if I knew there were comparable videos for males, as in equally insulting. The hygiene one must be over-the-top. If they made a hygiene video for future female missionaries and didn't make one for the males, who typically (obviously not in every instance, but certainly typically) have more hygiene issues than do young women,

    1. There is a hygiene video, too. I will post it!


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