Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's not nice to snark on the dead...

It's always interesting to see what posts will draw people to my blogs.  I have been writing this blog since March 2010 and over the years, have written some posts that have either drawn a lot of traffic or gotten people in a tizzy.  My post about Jessica McCord, for instance, was my most popular and contentious blog entry for years.  That was the first post on which I had to turn off comments, because it was attracting vile spew from the peanut gallery.

Since then, I have written about other people.  For a long time, my next most popular post was about the Hoveround guy whose ad was ubiquitous on TV a few years ago.  In that post, I wrote that I thought he was creepy.  At the time, I kind of did feel that way.  Much to my surprise, the actor who portrayed the Hoveround guy, Michael LeLand, found my blog and left a comment.  It was actually a gracious comment that included a link to YouTube and showed him doing some serious work.  I was impressed.  I still thought he was creepy on the Hoveround ad, but I thought it was cool that he took my snark in stride and showed me that he was just a regular dude on an ever airing commercial.  The ad is still irritating (and I don't see it in Germany), but LeLand won my respect.

Last night, I got a comment from someone indicating that Mr. LeLand recently passed away.  I went looking for evidence and didn't find any showing that he'd died.  I didn't find any obituaries and he still has a Facebook page that has recent public posts.  However, I did find that Mr. LeLand has apparently been in a lot of stuff besides the Hoveround ad and has an impressive theater pedigree.

The Hoveround chair offers freedom to the mobility challenged.

If he's dead, allow me to go on record to say that I'm sorry for his friends' and family's loss.  I became a fan when he left his comment and introduced me to his other work.  And I don't think he's creepy anymore, although I do think the ad is a bit creepy.  It probably made him some bank, though.

Another post that gets a lot of hits is one I wrote about Roger McDuff, who was a singer on TBN noted for his Q-tip like hairstyle.  I found Mr. McDuff entertaining, although not for his abilities as a singer.  I just thought he was fun to watch.  I wrote a snarky blog about him and compared him to Mike Farris, another singer whom I find very inspirational.

The post about McDuff was written in 2013.  Four years later, I got a bitter comment from someone who was upset that I busted on him and Betty Jean whatshername.  Why?  Because Roger McDuff recently died.  She accused me of showing "contempt".  

I don't know the specifics of why Roger McDuff died.  I'm sorry he passed away.  I didn't hate him.  I just snarked on him a few years ago, mainly because of his hair and his corny performance style.  I liked that he was game to perform, although I can't say I enjoyed his singing voice.  Other people obviously liked it, though, so what do I know?  I also think TBN is basically a sham network, although I did used to watch it for laughs.

I suppose my reaction to the commenter was puzzlement.  What was she expecting me to do?  First off, I didn't know McDuff had met his maker.  Secondly, that post has been up for years now.  Was she thinking I should take it down after Roger McDuff died?  Was she pissed off that I expressed myself that way on a blog?  Did she think that shaming me about writing that post was going to make me change my mind?


That hair...

This is a blog.  It's basically a reflection of me.  Not everyone likes me, and that's fine.  But if I only posted sunshine and light stuff, this blog would not get any hits.  It would also not be very authentic because I am not a sunshine and light kind of person.  I am not a bad person, but I'm certainly not perfect.  And sometimes, I snark.  Don't take it personally because it's not personal.

In these two cases, the snark happened years before they passed through the pearly gates (if Mr. LeLand is, in fact, dead).  Everyone dies.  Someday, I'll die.  Maybe there will be snarky blog posts about me.  Maybe there already are snarky blog posts about me.  I don't know.  I don't deliberately go looking for things that will upset me.  So far, that plan has mostly worked well for me.  I figure if you put yourself out there-- whether it be through music, writing, acting, or being a politician-- you can expect some blowback and snark from people who don't understand who the person is/was.  Try to roll with the punches... or, failing that, don't read stuff that will rile you up.


  1. I'd forgotten all about betty Jean Robinson from up on Melody
    Mountain. my mom said that something Betty Jean sang once actually touched her heart. When Matthew and I were babies, my mom had us in playpens while she was cleaning the house. Betty Jean sang a musical (sort of, anyway) version of the poem "Song for a Fifth Child," which was about how children are more important than keeping a clean house. She put her cleaning supplies away and played with us. Babies do need reasonably clean houses, but there's no need to be obsessive about it.

    As for Roger's followers, I'm not sure what they expect the collective Internet to do about pre-mortem snark on Roger. For that matter, what if someone sees his hair and hears his voice and snarks on him not knowing that he has moved on?

    1. In this situation, the snark occurred a few years before his death.

    2. I got that from what I read. That mkes the reader's complaint especially silly, but even if such were not the case, how would you be expected to know and to therefore treat the Rev mcduff (if he was ordained) with due respect? It's not as though Roger McDuff's death received the kind of press coverage that the Pope's death did.

    3. I had no idea that he'd died.

      I'm forever offending and annoying people, though... so I guess I should just expect it.


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