Friday, March 31, 2017

Flicking the bean...

Happy Friday everyone.  It appears that spring has finally sprung.  We have lots of flowers, fresh breezes, warmer temperatures, and love in the air.  We're all feeling it... especially the teens.

Yesterday, there was a funny discussion posted in our local Facebook group about teenagers who are apparently engaging in public displays of affection.  This, in and of itself, would be bad news, unless you happen to be hanging out at the Mineraltherme.  I've seen plenty of teens sucking face and doing other stuff there.  Unfortunately, the teens in question were hanging out in one of the kids' playgrounds on a military installation.  So one of the moms posted this...

To me, it was pretty obvious what was going on...  Other people had to look it up on Urban Dictionary.

I have to wonder what the military police officers do when they come across something like this.  Do they tell them to freeze?  Ask 'em to spread 'em?  Do they give them a stern talking to or a ticket?  I'm sure if the adults are doing it, it's much worse.  Engaging in that kind of behavior on a playground could be serious business.  But teens?  Hell, last year, I came across two teens practically fucking each other on the route where I take my dogs every morning.  It was August, but I'm sure there was some bean flicking going on just the same.  Those kids were going at it.

One rather funny lady called the young man in question a "clit bandit", which I found quite hilarious.  She also asked if anyone gave the lad a bronze star for being able to find the bean, since some guys can't find it with "a GPS, a map, and a clue".  I'm sure more people understood that euphemism than "flicking the bean".  Of course, when I was a teenager, I wasn't doing any of that stuff.  I was too busy with my horse and my job at Busch Gardens.  And there weren't any playgrounds near where I lived, anyway... and if there had been, I wouldn't have been hanging out there flicking the bean with a guy.  It would have been too embarrassing.

Sometimes it's a trip to live overseas among other Americans.  And now, I must confess, I feel like flicking the bean.  But I probably won't, because I just washed the sheets.

Incidentally, Bill brought the dogs home yesterday after they spent two nights with Max, our doggy sitter.  He hadn't seen them since November, when Zane was in low spirits after his mast cell tumor surgery.  Max commented on how much better Zane seems since we changed his diet and started giving him Benadryl, Tagamet, and CBD oil.  The CBD oil, in particular, has been a real boon.  I still think we're going to have a couple of bumps removed soon and they may be other tumors, but he does seem to be doing well right now.  Hopefully, we can keep him going for a long while.

I'm in a good mood today.  I'm glad it's Friday and March is almost over.  Time for good weather, longer days, and maybe some traveling... and bean flicking.


  1. I'm glad Zane is better.

    As for the teens, i just don't have much sympathy for them. I understand that they my not have anywhere very private that they can go, but tough shit. Until you can pay for it yourself, you may not have a private love nest, but that doesn't mean everyone else gets to experience your love life up close and personal as though it was a bad adult reality program. You and I didn't have time for that sort of thing at their age because we were busy with more productive pursuits. And to engage in that behavior in a children's play area is all the more disrespectful. And i wouldn't have been more sympathetic even five years ago when I was their age.

    1. Well, it was definitely inappropriate. Maybe they think of themselves as still children, hence the decision to play on the playground, as it were...


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