Sunday, March 19, 2017

Facebook purge...

I don't know why, but every once in awhile, I clean out my Facebook friends list.  It usually happens after someone unfriends me, which someone did the other day.  For some reason, that prompts me to go through my list and see if there are any people I need to drop.

When I do a purge, I usually just drop people I never talk to or who I know have died.  I know at least two of the people I purged yesterday were people who had passed away and I had never met either of them in person.  Next, I removed several people with whom I'd had contentious arguments.  For instance, I finally deleted ...tom... and Papa Smurf, two guys who have inspired me to write several negative blog posts.

I also deleted a couple of people with inactive accounts and a few people who haven't posted in over a year.  I usually don't do that right away because sometimes those people come back.  But one person I unfriended was an aunt who never posts on Facebook.  I will admit, though, that I didn't unfriend my Uncle Carl, who died in early 2015.  I'll probably do that eventually.

I have to admit to feeling somewhat guilty about unfriending people, which seems kind of silly when you think about it.  Facebook has kind of changed the way people communicate, though.  It used to be you could do the slow fade away.  Now it takes breaking ties online.

Truthfully, I kind of admire people like Bill and my sisters, who keep their friends lists very small.  That's probably the best thing to do.  There may come a day when I cut a lot more people.  In fact, I could do that today and not miss most of them at all.  Sadly, Facebook has kind of turned a lot of relationships into something a lot less meaningful than they might have been.

I recently read an interesting blog post written by a guy who analyzed the whole unfriending phenomenon on Facebook.  He wrote about how deleting "dead wood" actually improved his experience a lot, since he found he was engaging more with people he actually cares about.  He says that even deleting one or two people will change the look of your feed.  You start rediscovering people you used to know.  Or you start having more meaningful interactions with people.

A couple of days ago, I had 515 Facebook friends.  I now have 492.  I could probably have fewer friends and be just as happy if not moreso...  But I guess, having grown up at a time when you had to talk to people to be friends with them, it's just hard to let go.

The Fade Away...  a song about breaking up.

And Happy Birthday to my loose acquaintance...  a song about the Facebook experience.



  1. It's sweet that your still hanging on to your Uncle Carl.

    1. Carl was a delightful person. He never once called me a nutcase or wrote to me while he was drunk and angry.


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