Friday, March 3, 2017

Bud Lite, beer pong, and Barbara Graham...

There's a lady in our community who is throwing a party for teenagers.  She advertised the party in the local Facebook group and said there would be Bud Lite and beer pong.  Apparently, some of the parents got worried and called the military law on her.

The drinking age in Germany for beer is 16.  Bud Lite is pretty watery stuff.  She promises to use hand stamps and ID the kids.

While I tend to be pretty liberal about drinking, I would not want to do something like this if I had a teenager.  It'll probably be fine... but I still wouldn't want to do it.  Talk about the responsibility!  I wish her much luck.

Yesterday, I finally watched the 1950s era death penalty film, I Want To Live!.  Someone posted it in its entirety on YouTube.  It's an interesting film about a woman named Barbara Graham, who was executed for murder in the gas chamber.  The film is said to be very fictionalized, since there was supposedly a lot of evidence that Graham was guilty of the crime that put her on death row.  Still, it was really something to see a 50s era depiction of capital punishment.

Here it is...

I was especially freaked out at the end when she puts on earrings and is all dressed up for her date with the gas chamber.  Even though this was a fictionalized account, I couldn't help but be creeped out by it.  The death penalty gives me the willies.

And finally, I dumped yet another "friend" from Facebook this morning because she found the photo bellow "completely tasteless".  This same "friend" has the friend who called me a moron for saying that Trump's wall will cost a lot of money to maintain.  She's also clearly a Trump supporter who can't deal with the truth.  I figured that she couldn't handle what's on my page, so I deleted her.  Interestingly enough, although we "met" on Epinions, I don't think I really had any interactions with her except in the wake of this disastrous election.  So it's probably just as well that she went bye bye.

Yes, this spoofed photo is tasteless... but so is the Trump administration.  A president who grabs women by the pussy, participates in pro wrestling matches, and throws tantrums on Twitter is also "completely tasteless".  


  1. The woman probably has good intentions, but what sane person would choose to be responsible for the drinking of a large group of teenagers?

    The movie sounds creepy, and the Trump administration is indeed tasteless.

    1. The movie is probably laughable to modern audiences.

      The same woman who posted about the party asked a few months ago where she and her buddies can go out and get wasted. I think she enjoys partying.

      And yes... Trump is fair game when it comes to vulgar jokes.


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