Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When pictures on beer bottles remind you of something...

I tasted this beer from Estonia yesterday.

There is a rather suggestive picture of a cocoa nib on the label.  

This beer actually tasted more like coffee than chocolate to me.  So I wondered if what I was looking at was actually a coffee bean...  But then it occurred to me that the picture also reminded me of a mare's vulva (you can Google if you need a photo reference).  That may seem like a weird observation, but remember I've been sick all week.  I also had occasion to look at mare vulvas a lot when I was into horses.

Anyway... I didn't like the beer that much.  It was a little too sludgy for my tastes.  The label was interesting, though.


  1. I'm pretty sure I would not like the chocolate/coffee beer with the horse or donkey vulva featured o prominently on the bottle.Guinness is about as weird as beer lager, ale (I really don't know the difference) can get for me. I don't actually LIKE that, either, but I believe that it's beyond the placebo effect in increasing my appetite, but even if it merely a placebo effect, it still works for me so I would continue with my half-bottle twice a week. I think once I get past this thing and can eat normally, I'm going to raise my intake to half a bottle every other day or even every day. At that amount, it's highly unlikely to be detrimental, so what do I have to lose? Nothing!

  2. Well, the beer is from Estonia, so I don't know that you'd find it in your neck of the woods anyway.


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