Saturday, February 4, 2017

What would my dad think?

Last night, I Skyped my mom.  It had been awhile since we last talked.  I tried calling her a month ago and she wasn't home and I never got around to trying again.

She was glad to hear from me last night.  Naturally, we talked about politics.  I asked him what she thought my dad would have thought about Donald Trump.  She said she didn't think he would have liked him much.  My dad was a dyed in the wool Republican, but he didn't like profanity or vulgarity.  I think he would have been offended by Trump's comments about grabbing women by the pussy, among other things.

On the other hand, my dad also hated Bill Clinton with a passion and I feel pretty sure he despised Hillary, too.  I doubt he would have wanted to vote for her.  Maybe he would have voted third party.

Then my mom dropped a bomb on me.  My dad voted for Barack Obama in 2012.  I was shocked.  I had never known my dad to vote Democrat.  I remember in the 90s, he was obsessed with Rush Limbaugh and watched his show religiously.

Anyway, I shared this on Facebook...

The responses I got were rather interesting...

One guy wrote that he thought my dad would be glad to see a "great" man coming into office that will do things that should have been done over the last eight years.  A woman I know wrote that we could never know what my dad would think because he's no longer around.  I found both responses rather offensive and said so.  

I certainly wasn't intending to argue about anything when I wrote this post. I was simply surprised by the revelation that my dad voted for Obama, given that he never voted Democrat that I knew of. It never occurred to me that one friend would insist that my dad (a man he'd never met) would see Trump's "genius" and another would chastise me for wondering.

Another friend, someone I grew up with who has also lost her dad, mentioned that she thought her dad would find Trump rude and trashy, but he also didn't like Hillary Clinton.  And he probably would have voted third party.  She said her dad could be snooty when he wanted to be.  So could my dad.  But then, sometimes he was decidedly not snooty.  Like the time he and my mom showed up at one of my horse shows in my dad's ugly orange pop top VW van.  Dad parked the van, took off his shirt, and watched me show my pony.  It was 1984, though, and I don't think people cared.

It is interesting to speculate what my dad would have thought about the election and our current president.  Of course I'll never know for sure.  

Anyway, my mom and I had a good talk.  She can't stand Donald Trump, so she's been watching old movies.  I praised her for her genius in staying off the Internet.  Sometimes I wish I could be that wise.

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