Thursday, February 23, 2017

Uncle Dickhead...

The net is going now... very slowly, but functionally.  So, just for Alexis, here's what happened with my uncle.

A little background, first.  I actually really like this uncle most of the time.  He is my dad's younger brother and he's a lot less uptight than my dad was.  However, like my dad, he is a dyed in the wool Republican.  As he's gotten older, he's gotten more militant.  In fact, last summer, I blogged about a drunken rant he directed at one of my cousins.  You'll forgive me if I don't link to the specific post just now.  I will do it when we have better net access.

Anyway...  this particular uncle has a habit of forwarding political emails to everyone in his address book.  Much of the stuff he sends is offensive.  He's sent racist, misogynistic, xenophobic stuff, for instance.  I usually ignore it because he's old and won't change.  But, for some reason, the other day he sent this email about Pence and I simply responded that I wasn't impressed with Trump or Pence and thought they needed to go.  That's all I said.

My uncle came back and accused me of being a "nut case".  He says that in two years, I'll be "cheering" for Trump.  He assumes I voted for Hillary Clinton.  I didn't vote for Mrs. Clinton, but I would much prefer her to Trump.  At least she's competent and knows enough not to act like a goddamn psychopath on Twitter.

So anyway, being called a nutcase by my uncle pissed me the fuck right off.  So I wrote back to him and said, "No, Ed, I really will not [be cheering].  You need to stop sending me this crap.  Unless you want a verbal ass kicking, you'll take me off your email list."

My sister saw what I wrote and said, "Oh no, now you've done it."  I explained to her that I'm rapidly reaching a point at which I am about to disassociate with people who resort to mean spirited personal insults over politics, even if it's a family member.  She implored me to calm down, probably realizing that since I live overseas and don't miss anyone, it would be all too easy for me to simply drop out of the family fold altogether.

Last night, he responded and once again called me crazy.  He also said "GET OVER IT!"  Just like that.

I wonder, does he really expect me to just "get over it" as it were?  He knows where I come from.  I have a lot of the same qualities he has.  In fact, being outspoken is what makes me a family member of his.

Anyway... I wrote back and said, "Ed, I'm warning you.  Leave me alone.  Stop sending me political bullshit."

He may write back today, after he's had a few belts.  If he does, I will probably shred him.


  1. i can relate. When one of one's better relatives is a dickhead all one can really do is to be thankful that blood 9or even by-marriage) relationships do not make it mandatory to like or associate with anyone. Still, it's sad that he can't be more civil. exactly what is it that you're supposed to get over, anyway?

    I remin more and more confient that if trump doe not get us nuked before then, he won't make it through a term. I still tink he'll get mad and quit eventually when it finally makes it through his thick skull that he can't do exactly as he pleases and that there are procedures he can't ignore. It's been so long (however long ago it was that his father died or he over took the old man in power) since he's really been accountable to anyone. he thinks he can ignore rules and policies and do as he pleases, but unless he overthrows the government (which probably isn't out of the question, but in the end, i don't think it will happen) our system still has certain checks and balances that keep even the president from having too much power. Still, I wish I were Canadian, and since I have dual citizenship, I may choose to do my residency in Canada if I can find the right offer. I need to hand-pick my internship spot because of health reasons, as I could never make it through some of the programs that treat interns as slaves, but after my intern year, a residency in Canada isn't out of the question. They have perfectly good programs there. The winters are long and cold, but I'll have little time to explore the great outdoors, anyway.

    1. He's acting like Trump is just another president. He's really not. I have never seen a president act the way he has in just a month.

      Canada is winning a lot of hearts and minds lately. I have never really had the chance to see much of it, but I would like to visit sometime.


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