Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tone deaf...

Last night, I ranted on my music blog about a situation that arose on SingSnap yesterday.  The story of what actually happened is on that blog, so I won't rehash it here.  Suffice to say that I dared to complain about some inconsiderate behavior and a few people basically said that I'm "full of myself" and "lack character".  They accused me of being a "diva" because I was offended that someone poorly played a harmonica over some vocals I laid down in a duet.

After reading a few comments accusing *me* of being rude because I dared to speak out about the instrument player, whom I neither named nor linked to, I got even more upset.  You see, on SingSnap, if you post an open duet, many people expect you to go back and actually listen to the end result.  You are also expected to leave a grateful comment of some sort.  Most of the time, I try to do just that, regardless of the other person's abilities.  Sometimes I don't comment on every recording for whatever reason.  Lately, it's been because I've been sick and haven't been hanging out on the site.

Anyway, someone who read that thread totally blasted me for being a "diva", and then went to my page and noticed that I hadn't commented on a couple of duets.  She left me a rather nasty, over the top, chastising comment about how I'm no great shakes and she hoped I hadn't hurt the other person's feelings.  Then a couple of other people chimed in with more of the same.

After some of that, I left a pretty stern rebuttal explaining my confusion about being expected to be polite and grateful when someone sings with me, yet not being allowed to expect common courtesy in return.  In other words, I'm supposed to be humble and fawning when anyone deigns to complete one of my duets.  But I'm not allowed to be offended if someone drowns me out on a duet with crappy harmonica playing.  Saying something about that is considered "diva" behavior.  It automatically means that I have poor character and am too full of myself.  I should simply be grateful.  Hmmm...

It seems to me that common courtesy and respect is a two way street.  If I'm nice enough to post an open duet, you can be nice enough to respect the effort I put into it.  Generally speaking, I will do the same in return.  Moreover, I will usually thank you for contributing, but I don't think I should be required to offer thanks if I don't want to, especially if I'm not actually thankful, but am instead offended.

I realize it's stupid to be this irritated over a karaoke Web site.  I'm totally wasting my time, especially since people tend to be sensitive about their singing.  I know I am.  I guess it's upsetting to me because I participate on that site simply for fun.  It's not fun when someone is inconsiderate, nor is it fun to feel like I'm being forced to interact with people or else be considered rude.  In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter, especially since those people don't actually know me and most of them have never interacted with me.  Because of that, their personal comments aren't actually personal.  In fact, those comments are as tone deaf as some of their musical abilities are.

To add insult to injury, the person who played harmonica over my vocals also chastised me for not turning on my Web cam.  Apparently, I'm too "full of myself" to be on video.

Well... this is all very fine.  I guess I should simply remember that some people have war in their countries.  Sheesh.

Edited to add...  This song is dedicated to all of my SingSnap critics.

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