Sunday, February 26, 2017

The L word...

It's time to go home.  I tried to do some travel blogging yesterday, but the WiFi wouldn't cooperate.  I will have to do it when we get back to Germany.

We have had a marvelous time in France this week.  I feel very fortunate that we're able to go to so many great places so easily.  I have so much to write about after this trip.  It really was a very good time.

Yesterday, while we enjoyed a lovely French lunch in a town called Cluny, Bill told me that his younger daughter had said "we love you." in her generic Facebook post a couple of months ago.  While I don't think her actions have been very loving at all, I will note that I felt a bit more empathy for her when he told me she wrote that.  I'm sure these years haven't been easy for her or her sister.  And while I'm not sure I will ever trust her, I don't feel as angry toward her as I have in the past.  So that's good news.

As Bill told me about younger daughter saying "we love you.", his eyes gleamed with tears.  It made me wish all the more that I could have given him another chance at being a dad.  He would have been a wonderful dad to his daughters had he only been given the opportunity.

Anyway, Bill didn't tell me about the "L word" when he told me about his younger daughter writing to him.  I have to admit, it makes a small difference.  Because I don't think ex stepson ever said that during the few years he was talking to Bill.

So, probably sometime this evening, be on the lookout for new travel posts, if you're interested in that sort of thing.  I also have a new book review to write.


  1. i get confused. Which of the two daughters has historically been the more venomous, as in which one slapped him for having beer in his refrigerator?

    1. The younger one. She is the one who said "we love you." The older one has a personality more like Bill's, but she doesn't really seem to be on the Internet much.


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