Monday, February 6, 2017

The care and feeding of knotty...

I spent most of yesterday either in bed or on my futon, watching TV.  I'm not sure what bug has bitten me.  It doesn't feel bad enough to be the flu.  I'm tired, but not completely exhausted.  I don't have really bad body aches or a high fever.  It also doesn't really feel like a cold.  I don't have a runny nose, although I do have some congestion and a sore throat.  I guess I have some kind of garden variety respiratory infection that is just bad enough to make me not want to do anything.

Yesterday, Bill said he needed to go to the commissary (pretty much the only thing open on Sundays except for the grocery store at the airport) to pick up some stuff.  He wanted to make me chicken soup and rolls.  I didn't want Bill to go because I like spending time with him on the weekends.  But he said, "I don't have anything in the house to feed you."  Naturally, that comment made me laugh.  My husband is the consummate caretaker.

So off he went to the commissary and to fill up my car with gas.  I sat on my duff and watched more Dallas.  I tried to nap a few times, but my dogs kept barging in and hogging all the space on my bed.  Zane, in particular, is pretty obnoxious about spreading out as wide as he can so I end up with about eighteen inches of space on the edge of the mattress.

Bill came home after a relatively quick shopping trip and used the Instant Pot I got him for Christmas to make me some homemade soup.  He did a good job.  The rolls, which he also made from scratch, were a big hit.  I taught him well.

The title of this post was inspired by Bill and his caretaking qualities.  I was reminded of him saying "I don't have anything in the house to feed you."  I realize how lucky I am to have such a nice guy in my life.  He really does look after me and probably could write a book about it.

I do feel slightly better today... not 100%, but not quite teetering on the brink of death.  Good thing, too, since someone is coming over today to check the water meter or something.  It's some German thing where they send someone around every six years to make sure your stuff is working right.  I guess I'll get dressed for that.

Hopefully, this bug will pass quickly and I won't be left with an annoying, lingering cough for the next few weeks.

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