Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pleasant dreams...

I slept so well last night after our Valentine's Day celebration.  The sheets were fresh and clean and I really enjoyed my sleep.  Just as I started writing about last night's extravaganza, I heard Zane whimper.  He looked like he wanted to get under the covers, but instead, he jumped off the bed and ran downstairs.  I put him outside and he started eating grass, which immediately made me nervous.  An upset stomach is a sign of the mast cell cancer, although he's always had a sensitive stomach.

After several minutes of watching him eat grass and thinking the worst, I brought him back inside.  I got dressed and Zane was dancing around, anticipating his walk.  We started walking and he showed no sign of wanting to eat grass.  He did do a lot of pooping, though... perfectly normal poops.  And that makes me wonder if yesterday, he ate more than usual somehow.

Then Arran started eating grass, let out a belch, and threw up all over the road we were walking on.  Believe it or not, that made me feel better because it's a sign that Zane's issues weren't related to mast cell tumors, but to eating something that didn't agree with him.  Zane, by the way, hasn't puked yet and now seems like his old self.

We had a fairly nice walk and the weather is good today.  Temperatures are pretty mild.  Spring is on the way.

In other news, Bill talked to his mom last night and she said she doesn't have a fracture after all.  Apparently, she has a really bad bruise.  It still means having to postpone her trip, but the situation is not as scary as it was a couple of days ago.

I've just started reading an interesting book that I'll probably get more into later today, if we have no further veterinary issues.

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