Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My middle finger is getting a massive erection...

There's a guy on my Facebook friends list who feels compelled to argue about Donald Trump every time the topic comes up.  This guy, ordinarily very intelligent, constantly has to point out how corrupt Barack Obama was during his presidency and accuse anyone criticizing Trump as being "hypocritical".

Last night, he got into it with another friend of mine, a very intelligent woman who has a law degree and is an articulate writer.  I posted two articles about Trump and his misdeeds and this guy took the bait on both of them.  And on the second one, he directly engaged my friend.

I don't get involved in arguments with this guy because it's an exercise in futility.  He won't concede his point and I won't concede mine.  There is *nothing* anyone can tell me that will make me have any respect for Donald Trump as president.  As far as I'm concerned, he and his cronies are mostly a bunch of women hating criminals who have no business being anywhere near the White House.  I don't say this about many politicians.  I don't even usually have much of an opinion about most politicians.  Donald Trump, to me, is not a politician.  He's a thug.

Anyway, I read this article yesterday and it included a rather frightening story about Donald Trump when he was married to his first wife, Ivana.  The caption before the story was about Trump's pick for the new Labor Secretary, who is evidently a wife beater.  But my comment was about Trump himself.  In 1993, author Harry Hunt III wrote a book about Trump entitled Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump.  As he researched the book, he got ahold of Ivana Trump's testimony from their divorce trial.  It involved a story about how Trump raped her because he'd had an unexpectedly tough recovery after a "scalp reduction" surgery he got to cover up a bald patch.  Ivana had recommended the plastic surgeon, so Trump apparently wanted to punish her.  When the book came out, Ivana supposedly had to remind people of the "context" of her sworn testimony that her ex husband forced himself on her.  This is the same guy who bragged about "grabbing women by the pussy".

I posted about this yesterday, and my friend the Trump supporter started leaving comments about Obama's Labor Secretary pick...  and my lawyer friend responded to them.  My only comment is that most politicians are scumbags, but Trump is scummier than most.  And I am really running out of patience for Trump boosters.  I don't like to ditch friends over their political persuasions, but I'm getting tired of constantly battling with certain people over this.  Is this really just a matter of the press giving Trump a hard time or is there fire where there's smoke?  My opinion is that there's ample proof that the man is unstable and has criminal proclivities.  Arguing about it and/or pointing out that Obama wasn't totally innocent has no effect other than annoying me...  and, of course, giving my middle finger an erection.

This guy is looking more and more like a good president.


  1. I wasn't a fan of W as president, though his biggest flaw was in his choice of running mate and in the power he handed over to Cheney. Bush himself was, in my opinion, a good person, and I'd a hell of a lot rather have him back than what we have in there now.

    I have an Amazon gift card that is lying around. I need to enter it into my Amazon account and order the Trump bio to which you refer.

    I like the expression "my middle finger is getting an erection' and plan to use it (orally) to a few especially obnoxious students in the fourth-year cohort. They can boss us around a bit if they're assigned to the same section of the same rotation we're assigned, but they have no real authority over us, and if they hve ny input whatsoever into our evaluations, it would be considered inverse input, because the residents and attendings usually hate them far more than they disdain us. (If the 4th-year has something to say that is intelligent, wise, or even practical, I listen. It's just the douches, of which there seems to be a preponderance, to whom I refuse to bow down. Those in particular have lost credibility with superiors. Too many of them come across as 'knowing too much" and of flaunting authority they don't have, often in the presence of their own superiors. It's apparently not a traditional thing but something particular to this year's 4th -year cohort.

    1. I'm sure your middle finger gets a lot more erections than mine does.


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