Monday, February 13, 2017

Mother-in-law can't visit us...

Bill called his mom last night and we got the sad news that she's not going to be able to come see us this week.  She fractured her femur and may need surgery.

I'm sad that she can't visit.  I was looking forward to seeing her and we had some fun plans lined up for France.  Anyway, since the reservation is non-refundable, I guess Bill and I will go back to Ribeauville and see if we can't do some stuff anyway.  We'll just stay in the bigger apartment.

Hopefully, mother-in-law will heal quickly and get to come another time.


  1. How did she fracture her femur? It' a difficult bone to break, but also really bad one to break. i, too, hope she heals quickly and well.

    1. She has osteoporosis and it was an insufficiency fracture. She doesn't need surgery, but will be using a walker for a few weeks.


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