Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jessa Seewald's new son has a name...

And he shall be known as Henry Wilberforce Seewald.  Actually, I don't think Henry is as bad a name as Spurgeon is.  At least it doesn't make me think of exploding dicks when I hear it.  And that's seriously about as much as I want to say about the Duggars, who all voted for Donald Trump and helped contribute to the cluster fuck our country is in right now.

It's Valentine's Day and Bill and I have plans to visit a hotel in a nearby city.  No, we won't be staying the night.  We might do that if we didn't have dogs to tend to, but we're just going to have dinner.  There will be a pianist there playing hits from the 1920s, I think.  And there will be a four course meal.  And maybe I will dress up and look swanky if I can squeeze into my pantyhose.  Otherwise, maybe I won't.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I haven't felt the need to do as much writing as usual.  Part of it is because I've been sick and haven't felt like doing much of anything lately.  Part of it is because I'm just overwhelmed by all of the Trump shit in the news.  It's like there's a new fiasco every day and I'm becoming exhausted by it.  Part of it is because I still worry about Zane, who seems to be doing fine, but still itches and has bumps that may or may not be cancerous.  I keep reading horror stories about people who had the bumps removed and ended up with many more of them owing to degranulation of the mast cell tumors.

Bill's mom sent Bill an email last night.  She won't have to have surgery, but will be using a walker for a few weeks.  With any luck, she might be able to see us later in the spring.  That might work out better, since the weather is bound to improve.  I'm still sad that she won't be here this weekend.  I was looking forward to seeing her.

Bill ordered a new brewing kit from the States and it arrived the other day.  Pretty soon, he's going to be brewing beer again.  Meanwhile, I will probably be learning how to make homemade dog food in an effort to keep mast cell cancer at bay for awhile.

I finished a book yesterday, but it was the fourth one in a series.  I don't have two of the three other reviews I wrote posted, so I don't feel like I should review this one.  Anyway, the book was by Brian David Bruns, who has the distinction of being the first American to ever last an entire contract waiting tables on Carnival Cruise Lines.  He later became an art auctioneer, a job he did for three more years until he was on Wind Star, a cruise line that features boats with actual sails on them.  I have never been on one of those cruises because I prefer all inclusive sailings.  I also hate art auctions.

I do enjoy a good true story, though, and Bruns' tales of being on the seas are intriguing to me.  He's also pretty funny and has a very entertaining writing style.  It's descriptive.  Bruns has a weakness for Romanian women, too.  Now I want to visit Romania, but I definitely don't want to work for a cruise line.

Hopefully, I'll have something more interesting to write about soon.  I need to read more news that doesn't involve politics.


  1. At least Henry is a bona fide first name. prince Harry's actual first name is Henry. The Seewalds are so stupid that I could see them calling the kid by his middle name, Wilberforce.

    I had an epiphany concerning Trump. I don't think he's in this presidency for the duration. I don't think he understands a situation where a person is, in theory, a commander-in-chief, but in reality has a whole lot of forces influencing what can or cannot be done. By the time he's spitting mad because he cannot make Saturday Night Live cease and desist with the lampooning of his administration, what is he going to do when congress or the Supreme Court stops him from doing something really big. He'll eventually walk out. Unfortunately, we'll still be in trouble with the second string he'll leave in charge. Furthermore, there's no guarantee he would not employ the code to the nukes on his way out just because he can.

    1. Sigh... I know.

      MIL had good news for us. Turns out it wasn't a fracture, but a bad bruise. So her recovery should be swifter than we expected.

  2. I'm really glad her femur wasn't fractured. I had a bone bruise of one of my femurs from an auto accident. I was somewhat downgrading the significance of the injury when the doctor told me that NFL players miss multiple games because of femur bruises.

    I hope she heals well enough to travel soon..

    1. Yeah, we hope so, too. I have missed having her around.


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