Friday, February 24, 2017

In other news, I got called a "moron" yesterday...

Why?  Because someone posted about Trump's proposed wall and I mentioned that it would cost a lot to maintain.  Some mouth breather from Washington State said that all the "illegals" who were kept out would make the wall pay for itself.

My only response was "Nope."  For that, I got called a "moron".

At first, I was just going to write "Classy."  And that's what I did.  But then I thought about it and all the irritation I have experienced at the hands of dipshit Trump supporters.  So I wrote, "Hey, do you always call people morons if they don't agree with you?  I can see why you're a Trump supporter.  You have the intellect of a Cheeto."

She came back and accused me of wearing a vagina hat and condoning the "killing of babies and selling of their body parts."  Then she called me a moron again.  I swear, I never brought up the topic of abortion.  She brought that up and more.

I decided to have a little mean spirited fun, so I told her I was sorry her mother "hosted" her.  She made some comment about how her mother gave her life and didn't "host" her (obviously, she missed the comments made by one of her beloved Republican leaders).  Later, I told her she was a load that should have been swallowed because she kept insulting me.  It probably went over her head.

In all seriousness, this lady wasn't playing with a full deck.  I probably shouldn't have responded to her at all after she called me a moron.  She went way off the deep end with her comments.  I didn't know this person from Adam and she knew nothing about me whatsoever.  I did end up deleting someone off Facebook because he "liked" that she called me a moron.  I figured that wasn't very friendly behavior.

I find myself with less and less patience for rabid Trump supporters, especially those who are nasty.  One thing I probably should have said, if I had been in a shaming mood, was that I was at one time someone's innocent baby.  She loves babies and thinks their lives should be spared at all costs so they can grow up and be called "morons" by the likes of her.  She's remarkably hypocritical.

Anyway... we're done.  I won't be talking to her again.  She's been cast into Facebook Outer Darkness.  I'd like to think I'm not a moron.  And I think that if that's all you can say to someone with whom you disagree, you don't have much of an intellect yourself.


  1. If killing of babies to sell off their body parts were presently a profitable practice, Trump would be in favor of it.

    I don't know of anyone who actively supports Trump (I know of people who voted for him as what they considered to be the lesser of two evils of the candidates who had a legitimate shot at the White House; while I disagreed and still disagree, and voted for the other viable candidate, I understand that she was none too savory and not a great candidate, but they weren't and aren't actual Trump supporters) who has a three-digit IQ. I don't even place all that much faith in IQs except that I think anyone who cannot score above two digits on any standardized IQ test is intellectually lacking. (Some people who manage to score in the high three-digit range are also virtual morons.)

    1. I know too many Trump lovers. It disgusts me.


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