Saturday, February 18, 2017

I have reached my weekly quota dealing with stupid people...

It's true.  I've had a week that has been more annoying than most and was somewhat exacerbated by having to deal with stupid people.

It started with the news that Bill's mom can't visit us because she's injured.  That's not her fault and I don't think she's stupid because she hurt herself.  It's just that the event put a damper on the whole week.  For a couple of days, Bill was fretting that his mom might need his help and we're thousands of miles away.  Granted, there are some positives.  Bill's mom doesn't have dementia, for instance, and she has a job.  But for a couple of days, we were actually thinking we'd need to do something drastic to help her out, even down to having her declared Bill's dependent and bringing her over here to live with us.  I think I'd be okay with that, but it would be a major logistical event.  We were genuinely worried as well as very sad that her trip had to be cancelled.

Next, was stress over the dogs.  I was worried because I thought there might be signs that Zane was getting sick from mast cell cancer.  But then Arran started throwing up.  We figured out that the problem was the ricotta cheese Bill bought.  We mix the cheese with fish oil as part of the anti-cancer diet they're on (Cleo's diet).  The stuff Bill usually gets wasn't in stock and he got some that must have been stronger.  The end result was a big mess on my rug and outside on our walking path.

Next came the stupid SingSnap drama.  I'll be honest, folks.  That situation annoyed me a lot more than it should have.  I actually ranted a bit about it last night to poor Bill.  It wasn't so much that particular situation as it is the overwhelming theme in my life that I'm supposed to be "nice", "grateful", "polite", and "stay in my lane".  But other people are apparently free to say whatever they want to me in whatever tone they wish.  If I say something in protest, I'm being a "diva".  If they accuse me of being a "diva", especially if they don't even know me, I'm supposed to smile and go away grateful for the correction.

It's bullshit.  This crap has been going on my whole life and the older I get, the less tolerance I have for it.  And so, because of that, I end up in ridiculous online dramas with people I don't even know over things that shouldn't matter.  But even as I remind myself that I'm getting annoyed over something petty, I realize that I still feel upset and irritated about it and the problem is getting worse, not better.

For instance, today's blog post title was my final Facebook status of the evening.  Most people were pretty funny and asked why I hadn't reached that point by 10:00am on Monday.  My response was that I neither have a job nor children.  But then I got a very "helpful" comment from one of my relatives who advised me to surround myself with "pleasant" people this weekend.

I will admit that the "advice" immediately irritated me.  First off, I have just written that "stupid people" are annoying me.  If that's the case, why would I risk surrounding myself with people who might end up saying or doing stupid things?  Seems to me I need a break from people, not a party.  Of course, most of the people I "hang out with" are online.  So the obvious cure, then, is to go offline for a few days.  But like so many other people, I am kind of addicted to the Internet.

Secondly, like many men, my relative is trying to "fix" the situation.  The situation doesn't really need fixing.  It is what it is.  It's not going to change.  There will always be stupid people around and they will always annoy me.  And telling me to hang out with "pleasant" people is stupid advice.  I'm not feeling very pleasant myself, so why would anyone in their right mind want to hang out with me?  Why would you suggest that I inflict my curmudgeonly attitude on pleasant people?  Nope... I think what I really need is some time meditating somewhere or perhaps a good power fuck.

Thirdly, when I thanked my relative for the advice, he claimed it wasn't advice.  Uh...  here's a screenshot of's definition for the word "advice".

Seems to me that telling me I need to surround myself with "pleasant people" is advice.

Yes, I know I'm being anal retentive and should be more laid back about this, but that is a symptom of my condition, no?  I'm feeling irritable, edgy, and overwrought over dumb shit.  I'm feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and bored.  I wish I could be more Christlike, but dammit, I'm human... and probably hormonal.

Which brings me to the last thing that has annoyed me this week.  I just read a story on about a Utah family who brought their three year old boxer mix to a shelter.  The dog came with a notebook full of notes written by one of the family's kids, who was heartbroken that his dog was being given up.  The family's reasons for giving up their active, healthy, beautiful canine family member?  They have young kids in the house and the dog is "unaware of his size" and "plays too rough with the young kids".  

I want to ask these idiotic parents what they were thinking when they brought a young boxer home.  The dog is only three and they have "young kids".  Did they not realize that young dogs like to play and have a lot of energy that needs to be burned off?  Did they not realize that boxers are big dogs?  Did they not know that they have small children?  Did they make any attempt whatsoever to train that poor dog who lost his family?  What about their little boy, who loved the dog so much that he sent a book full of instructions and notes for the dog's next family (if he is lucky enough to find one)?  They have just taught their kid that family members-- particularly those that aren't human-- are totally expendable.  

But even as I write this and feel somewhat outraged, I know that I'm not familiar with the family and I shouldn't judge them.  There may be more to the story.  Moreover, as heartbreaking as this tale is, the fact that the dog got on will go a long way in helping him find a more suitable home.  I have two lovely dogs who didn't work out in other people's homes.  Had they not been given up to beagle rescues, I wouldn't have them in my life.  I might have two other dogs, but I wouldn't have Zane and Arran.  I do think it's better for people who can't care for their animals to find a better home for them.  But I also think that when it comes to adopting pets, people need to exercise more common sense.  And maybe that's why I'm so irritable... because there seems to be a serious dearth in common sense these days.  It's frustrating and annoying and makes me wish I could be beamed up for awhile.

Well... at least there's France and we're headed there tomorrow...    

I feel a little like Clark Griswold today.

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