Saturday, February 11, 2017

Girls who want to be Boy Scouts...

Before I get started with my rant, let me just say that this post is not about transgendered kids wanting to be Boy Scouts.  This post is about girls who want to be Boy Scouts because then they can go for the prestigious Eagle Scout award.  I just read about the trend on Deseret News, of all places.

Call me old fashioned, but I think there's a place in the world for single gender activities and clubs.  As much as I am for equal rights among men and women, I also think there should be places for kids to be among their peers in a single sex environment.  There are a lot of co-ed groups for young people.  I was myself in 4H for years and there were plenty of leadership and service opportunities in that organization.  We also have Girl Scouts, which has its own high quality programs and awards for young women.

If the truth be told, though, I am not a fan of the Boy Scouts.  If I had a son, I probably wouldn't want him to be a Boy Scout.  I do commend the Scouts for finally making concessions to gay and transgender boys, but it took them too long to make those concessions.  I also don't like that the Scouts are so affiliated with the LDS Church, even as I know that there are troops that are not church related.  I have read too many Scouts related horror stories on RfM involving incompetent leaders and abuse, even as I know that many men have had good experiences in Scouting.

I think a better solution to this issue, and really one that would surpass the idea of earning an Eagle Scout, is forming a co-ed group for those who want a co-ed experience.  Canada has a co-ed Scouts program called Scouts Canada.  Why can't someone come up with a similar program for the United States?  Sure, it would take commitment, money, hard work, and know how, but wouldn't success leave a longer lasting legacy than cleaning up a park or building benches or any of the other projects Boy Scouts do for the Eagle Scout award?

I truly believe that there should be single sex activities available for everyone.  I support diversity.  The Boy Scouts are for boys.  The Girl Scouts are for girls.  You want a co-ed Scouting group?  Why not start one of your own and leave these long standing organizations alone?


  1. I agree that there is a place in society for separate gebder organizations,

    I have some of the same reservations regarding the BSA organization nd how long it took them to join the 20th century, but in the grand scheme of things, but I think it ws just BS being homophobic.

    Scouting is a big deal to LDS INC., but i don't think the LDS church is considered all that significant to the world of scouting outside of Mormon areas. In each of the towns in which I've lived in CA, there's usually been an LDS troop, but a lot more that weren't. Mormons were probably over-represented among those who made it to eagle scout rank, mainly, I would presume, because a whole lot of boys lost interest by the eagle scout age in non-LDS troops. The only non-LDS eagle scouts I knew of were guys whose parents were pushing them for military academy appointments or padding future scholarship applications in big ways. My dad's an Eagle scout. He hot there a bit late (I think he was 16) because his parents converted when he was 12, so he got a late start, He belonged to the troop that was affiliated with his Catholic School, though. He refused to belong to the LDS tropp when there was one connected to his school.

    i always thought it was sexist that the LDS girls weren't linked to any national organization. LDS girls' camps tended to cover the sort of stuff girl scouts would have covered. I suppose for girls, one week out of an entire year was plenty of time to spend on out-doors-y stuff. 4-H might have been closer to their liking - particularly the sewing and cooking stuff, but a good farm wife needs to know how to tend animals as well. Still, if the Young Women's program was too tied in with any national organization, that would have left just Sundays for indoctrinating girls about the importance of their purity and how no one would want them if they were licked cupcakes.

    1. 4H was big where I grew up. It was full of horsey folks. ;)


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