Monday, February 20, 2017

France is agreeable...

I felt better as soon as we crossed into French territory yesterday.  I don't know what it is, but the more times I visit France, the more I like it here.

We checked into our "gite" yesterday and made ourselves at home.  Then we had a big dinner at a nearby restaurant... lots of comfort food.  I had ham and vegetables and Bill had a baked dish with Munster cheese, bacon, and potatoes.  We had to bring the leftovers back with us!

This apartment is large and there are steep stairs leading to two extra bedrooms.  Bill's mom was supposed to be with us, hence the larger pad.  I think if we come back, we'll rent the bigger place anyway.  It wasn't much more expensive and it's a bit more comfortable.  The dogs are weirded out by the steep stairs, though.

Travel always makes me feel less stressed.  I think this will be a good week.


  1. It sounds like lots of fun. I'd like to go to France.

  2. We've come to love coming here.


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