Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Burgundy bound...

Today we are packing up and leaving Ribeauville for St. Marcelin de Cray, which is a very tiny place near Macon.  It'll be nice to change our scenery again, although yesterday was fun.

Last night, I finally told my uncle to stop sending me political bullshit emails.  I did do in a rather impolite way, basically offering a verbal ass kicking.  Maybe it was a shock, but dammit, I'm 44 years old and tired of respecting my elders.  My first response was somewhat polite.  He sent me an email about Trump and Pence and I wrote that I wasn't impressed with either of them and would like to see them go.

He wrote back and called me a nutcase.  He also said that I'd change my mind. I responded that no, I really wouldn't change my mind and he needed to stop sending me that shit.  Then I told him to take me off his email list or risk a verbal ass kicking.

I then got an email from my sister, who I think was both shocked and amused by my antics.  I told her I don't care if they disown me, since I have been feeling rather disenfranchised from the family, anyway.  I'm sick of tolerating shit in order to keep the peace.

Ha ha ha...

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