Wednesday, February 1, 2017


So, last night I noticed Zane was licking his left front paw a lot.  He's kind of been vaguely favoring that leg off and on for awhile now.  He had the PCR test to rule out ehrlichiosis.  He doesn't have an active infection right now.

I noticed that the area around his dew claw was very brown from the constant licking.  I felt around and found a tiny, hard lump.  It's not red, hot, or angry looking, but it looks like there's a tiny spot with a ring around it.  It's obviously a little bit sore.  I gave him a bath after our walk today and took a picture, which wasn't easy because of where the bump is.

He had plenty of energy on his walk and was very happy after his bath.  Now he's in bed.  I am still worried, though...  It could be nothing or it could be another tumor of some sort.  Maybe it's another mast cell tumor.


See the little red spot with the ring around it next to the dew claw?  It's tiny, but the area around it feels thickened and firm, and it's bothering him.  

I was hoping to avoid the vet this week, but I guess I better have this checked out.  The timing of this kind of sucks, because if it turns out it's something that needs to be removed, he may be recovering from surgery when Bill's mom gets here on the 18th.

Both of my dogs are due for dentals and Zane also has a bump on his hind leg that worries me.  We had it aspirated last summer and it came back a lipoma, but needle aspirations are sometimes wrong.  The bump also looks slightly bigger.  

I love my dogs, but they drive me crazy.  At least it's something else to worry about besides the end of the world as we know it.

Edited to add:  I think Antronex, a supplement I had been giving Zane, might have been causing an allergic reaction.  I switched him back to Benadryl and he seems better.  

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