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An inappropriate product review...

Nothing is coming to mind for a blog post today, so I thought I'd repost an Epinions review I wrote a few years ago.  Those of you who read this blog regularly probably already know that I have no shame and enjoy tackling TMI subjects.  So here's one for you... and perhaps it might even be helpful for those of you with this particular problem.  Incidentally, if I recall correctly, Epinions shut down two weeks after I wrote this, so I never got to reap much of a reward for this review.

I'm pleased to report that this particular problem didn't linger.  Evidently, I don't have hemorrhoids, either.

  • Butthurt? Tucks medicated cooling pads calm down your keister!

    Review by knotheadusc
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      February, 11 2014
  • Pros: Cooling. Relieves itching and discomfort around the arse.
    Cons: Cold!  Not very big, so you'll want to be clean down there.
    The dry winter weather has had an annoying effect on me this year. My skin is itchy in unmentionable places, including an area that is known for being both sensitive and dirty.  I don't know exactly why my @$$ is so itchy these days.  Maybe I have hemorrhoids.  Maybe not.  The upshot is that I wanted relief from the annoying and potentially embarrassing itching, regardless of what was causing it.  My husband Bill bought me a forty count round container of Tucks Pads.  He said he'd used them and they'd worked wonders.

    Tucks Pads are little, round, cottony pads coated in witch hazel.  They are intended to relieve local itching, burning, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.  They are also supposed to protect the anorectal areas-- from what, I don't know.

    To use these pads, clean the affected area with soap and water; if it's practical to do so.  Gently dry the area with toilet tissue or a soft cloth.  Apply the Tucks Pad externally to the affected area up to six times daily.  Discard the pad when you're finished; you can flush them down the toilet because they are biodegradable.  Call a doctor if you experience rectal bleeding or the condition doesn't improve within a week.

    My experience
    They aren't kidding when they say these pads are cool.  I pulled one out and cringed at how cold it was on my fingers.  Wiping my nether regions with this pad wasn't altogether pleasant, nor did it immediately take away the itching, though I would imagine if there's a burning sensation the coldness would be a good thing.  I did notice the itching was not as intense as it was and the pads are good for keeping things clean "down there".  If you can, you'll want to make sure you're as clean as possible before you use a Tucks Pad.  The pads are small and won't be good for cleaning you up after you take a dump.

    This particular size of Tucks Pads is easy to stow.  You might even be able to slip it in a purse.  The pads are also pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and dye free.


    Anal itching is very embarrassing, but as the folks at Tucks Pads point out, it's a very common problem.  Over twenty percent of adults will get hemhorroids.  I don't know if I have hemhorroids or just a nasty case of eczema, but it's good to have these pads around to help relieve discomfort.  I'm not as impressed with Tucks Pads as Bill is, but I think they're useful.   I recommend them for anyone as butthurt as I've been lately.

    For more information: Call 1-800-223-0182 weekdays 9-5 or visit

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